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Written in 2050 | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Creative Writing Competition Branch Level 2020


‘This is all a dream… it has to be a dream, right?’

Yancy woke up to the smell of strawberries and cigarettes. He left his room’s window open again, as always. He groggily sat up on his messy bed—pillows scattered around and a tangled blanket wrapped around him. His room looked the same as always: pictures of him with Cheryl and or his friends hung around, nightlights dangling here and there, and his forever messy work desk. ‘Room sweet room’ he thought smiling faintly.

He was expecting to be greeted by the furious screams of Damien telling him to get up but he got none. Not a single word, not a single knock, not a single breath, nothing. ‘Strange, he usually scolds me for waking up late at this hour’ Yancy thought to himself as he walked to the door. He was probably busy in his room or assisting his sister, Celine. Celine lived a mile away from them and Damien, being himself, would often visit her. He finds their closeness adorable sometimes.

Yancy went straight to the kitchen, already thinking of what to devour for this morning’s breakfast. He grinned, practically smelling the aroma of toast, eggs, and bacon. He took a seat at the rather empty dining table. ‘Strange, they’d usually wait for me unless they’re busy… But Wilford isn’t usually busy?’ Yancy just shrugged it off and ate breakfast silently.

After breakfast, Yancy got dressed and decided to head outside to take a walk at the park. Only, it was not the park he knows of. He almost screamed at the sight before him. There are people jogging with at least one robotic part implanted in them. Whether it be a robotic leg, or an arm, he even saw a neck! There were little to no flowers as well as a drastic lack of trees in his surroundings. “How come people don’t lack oxygen with this thing?” he murmured to himself walking around.

When he thought he saw it all, he found himself staring at a road and a road above it. “They invented a road above the ground and a freaking road above the road itself?!” Yancy questioned to the nothingness of the air in disbelief. There were some cubicles that look as big as one of a Ferris wheel. Those “cars” have four wheels below them, an engine, seats, and a wheel. ‘Seems like it could suffice for a car…’ the more he sees everything, he questions it more and more. ‘Why are there five times more buildings than it used to be?’ ‘Where did all the trees and plants go?’ ‘Why are there roads and cars above us?’ ‘Since when did humans have android body parts or bodies?’ and the million-dollar question he held ‘What happened here?’

Yancy was determined to find some answers. He went to check his phone to see if it could give him the current date and lo and behold, he was greeted with his wallpaper which was his friend circle and a big bold “January 12, 2020 – Sunday” on top. The date and day was correct, but he never remembered anything like that yesterday. He was a hundred percent certain that there will be no event that will take place today nor tomorrow, nor any other day. Mind boggled and confused even more, Yancy decided to find Cheryl, or Audrey, or Damien—heck he’d take anyone he knows if it meant he’d get answers!

Yancy ran east, opposite to where his house was which was where majority of the houses were. He ran and ran, lost in his flooding amount of thoughts when he bumped into a smaller figure who squeaked and almost fell if Yancy didn’t catch said person in time. Yancy was about to apologize when he saw it: a familiar dark hued hair, those golden orbs of eyes, “CHERYL!” Yancy was quick to hug the smaller girl who was also panting from running. ‘Oh thank the heavens! My wish has been answered!’

“Cheryl! Do youse know what’s happening? Do youse see it too? Please tells me I’m not going crazy!” Yancy continuously pleaded with his peculiar vocabulary slipping out as always. Cheryl sighed, “Oh pardon me, Yancy! I don’t know what’s happening as well but boy, am I glad I found you!” she breathed out, grasping his hand. Yancy was a little dismayed that she didn’t know what was happening but at least it proved that he wasn’t going crazy!

As the two were walking to Cheryl’s home, Yancy tried thinking of a question he could ask her. He was well aware that Cheryl held little to no answers to his questions; and he was even more aware that she has zero ideas about what was happening to them. She probably has the same questions he holds! One particular question popped in his mind, “Cheryl?” he timidly asked the girl. Cheryl only hummed and looked at him, still continuing to walk. Yancy gulped thinking he was going to sound dumb after asking this question, ‘Well here goes nothing.’

“What year is it?”

Cheryl went silent but still continued to walk. Only the sound of her boots and his sneakers walking were heard. An awkward silence enveloped the duo but even so they still continued to walk. Yancy sighed, “Ah, forget it. That was dumb of me to ask youse-“

“Today is the year twenty-fifty.” Cheryl blankly stated. ‘The year twenty-fifty?!’ the amount of disbelief present on Yancy’s face was nothing compared to the overflowing number of emotions, questions, and scenarios his head held. He nervously laughed, still refusing to believe everything she said, “That was a good joke, Cheryl. Youse got me on that one!” he laughed again, stopping when he saw the seriousness reflected on the girl’s face. “It’s… actually the year twenty-fifty?” he asked as the girl nodded.

Yancy tugged on Cheryl’s sleeve, “Can we… get some chocolate milk first? I… youse…” he stopped mid-sentence thinking of something else to say but sighed when he has lost all focus and willingness to comprehend due to the shock. Cheryl sighed as well, “I was thinking the exact same thing. Except I want that chocolate-coffee product they sell. Come on, let’s go.” Cheryl quickly pulled Yancy to the nearest convenience store.

Pouting, Yancy opened the cold beverage he held. He was mentally screaming profanities to the “fate gods” as he calls it. First he had to go to prison with Cheryl because of being blamed for a heist they didn’t commit, then they had to stay in this mansion that drove people mad, and now they had to deal with being stuck in a year that practically didn’t exist yet! ‘Is this the gods telling me I should perish in danger? Illinois would’ve liked this better… speaking of him…’ 

“Hey, where’s Illinois?” Yancy questioned before taking a sip of his chocolate milk. Cheryl took a sip of her choco-coffee drink, “Oh Illi? He’s at my house with The Host.” Cheryl laughed, “I found them together, both confused and lost.” Yancy scrunched his nose in confusion, “But why is Host with Illi?”

Cheryl hummed, “Illinois was with him for an adventure or so I’ve heard. But what I’m certain is that Host has an idea on how this happened…” she trailed off. Yancy sprung up in delight, “So Host has an idea how this happened and how we can get back?! That’s great news! How?” Yancy was practically bouncing on his feet in excitement. ‘Finally! None of this funky eye trauma!’ Yancy thought in glee.

Cheryl took another sip of her overly-caffeinated drink holding her hand up in a ‘wait’ sign. Yancy immediately stopped jumping and took his seat once again waiting for her to speak. Cheryl closed the bottle of her drink after drinking and faced her companion, “you do know of Host’s powers, right?”

Yancy stopped and thought. He was fully aware that Host has powers… but he wasn’t sure what it was. Yancy shrugged, “I know of his powers, but I have no idea what it is. Do youse know?” he questioned as Cheryl nodded, “Remember his red journal?”

Yancy had a flashback right then and there. Of course he remembered it. That was the very journal he tried hiding from Host himself only to be met with his fist which resulted in Yancy’s rather fresh bruise on his torso. “What about that journal of his?” Yancy questioned with gleaming curiousity. Cheryl played with her half-full beverage, “Well, whatever he writes in that journal becomes true. Whatever happens without his writing is also magically written in that journal. It’s basically as if he’s playing his ‘Supreme Ruler’, ‘Fortune-teller’, and ‘Prediction’ cards all at once” Cheryl explained.

Yancy once again jumped from his seat. Of course it was Host! Who else would’ve thought of something as crazy as that? Well, Cheryl and Audrey could’ve thought of something like that as well but they have no power to make it a reality. It was definitely Host! “Then it was Host’s fault!” he proudly stated as if he was a detective who found out who the suspect was.

Cheryl chuckled nervously, “We could’ve had the same answer… Only if the Host wasn’t with me when this happened.” (Jeanne Chloe Soriano)

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