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Writing Without Tears | An Online Storywriting Program for Kids

The Unique English Classroom brings good news to parents and kids who love good stories! The Alpha Authors Program, which guides children to become better writers and storytellers, is now optimized for remote learning.

Remote learning is created not to replace the classroom experience but to highlight learning priorities. Lessons conducted online are shorter and more interactive. This allows children to have brain breaks because unlike adults, learning needs to be more sensory for it to stick. We have all considered this in developing the online lesson plan for Writing Without Tears (WWT).

Suitable for Ages: 9 to 12 years old
Number of Levels: 2
Length of Course: 12 sessions
What can I expect at the end of the course? The young authors would have completed their first stories and as a culminating activity, they are going to have a live or recorded storytelling session to be uploaded in the Unique English Classroom’s Facebook Page
Core Focus: Advanced Grammar, comprehension and writing skills
Secondary Focus: teaching the elements of the story, empathizing with characters, developing the plot and so much more
Learning Goals: Increment of Vocabulary usage and application & Develop higher communication and comprehension


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