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Writing builds a child’s character and personality

Apart from developing literacy skills and creativity, how can writing build a child’s personality/character?

Writing can sometimes be a very lonely activity. Good writers spend long amounts of time on their own, in their solitude, thinking of how they can progress their story. For children, this loneliness may cause them to get restless and compromise on the quality of their writing by rushing their thought process. Nevertheless, it is important that children do their writing individually because more than just building literacy skills and creativity (from writing a good story), writing also builds a child’s independence in thought and self-confidence (from writing a personal, unique story).

Children will have to think on their own when coming up with a story, then trust in their ability to convey their story. Telling your own story is always better than having someone else do it for you. By doing so, children will learn to make decisions independently in crafting a storyline and choosing the right words. Writing can also be a method for introverted children to develop an expressive nature and hone their communication skills. As such, it is also important to encourage children to write independently rather than coming up with a brilliant literacy piece with assistance from teachers and parents.

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