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What should children read?

Different children like different kinds of candy. One child might choose to eat sweets while another may choose to eat chocolates. Some children may even pick bitter or sour sweets as their favourites. Just like candy, reading should be taken as a form of enjoyment and children should be allowed to read whatever they want. It is important, however, that children try a few different genres before settling on the one they wish to read.

Some good genre recommendations for children include folktales and fables, fantasy novels, comics and picture books as well as Sci-fi and mystery. “Folktales and fables” and “Fantasy” because at childhood, a person’s imaginative powers are at their greatest. Children are able to picture worlds that may be completely unrealistic and absurd. They will be able to experience folk and fantasy worlds better than adults. “Comics and picture books” for the ones that find words a little too boring. More pictures and less words is not bad for a child. Reading is not just about literary value but the whole experience of immersing oneself into a story. “Sci-fi and mystery” because children love thrills and excitement. Today’s children are beginning to tear away from watching conventional cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Looney Toons etc. and turning to more intriguing action cartoons such as Marvel or DC Comics’ cartoons. This change in what children watch will inevitably lead to a change in what they want to read. As such, “Sci-fi and mystery” can be expected to be appealing to children.

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