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How should children view reading? A good habit? A hobby?

Children should view reading as an enjoyment.


They should not dwell so much in the language or the literary elements of the piece but allow their imagination to be stimulated by the writer.

Many educational institutions or study guides recommend reading as a way to improve one’s vocabulary or sentence structure. They put high emphasis on reading widely with the ultimate goal of gaining academic success in language subjects. Under instruction from their parents or teachers, they read to pick up better vocabulary or facts to use during their examinations. While this is beneficial to the academic growth of a child, it should not be the main focus of reading.

More than just a form a literature, every piece of published writing tells a story (in the case of fiction) or provides an insight (in the case of non-fiction). When reading fiction, children should focus on the storyline more than the language as this will enable them to share the emotions of the characters, experience the thrill of the moments and allow themselves to be taken along with the flow of events. Then, reading becomes a form of entertainment and children would enjoy reading as much as they enjoy watching their favourite TV programme or going to the playground. Once they have uncovered the joy of reading a good story, developing a love for the language is inevitable.

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