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Unique English Classroom : Teaching English through the Heart and Mind

Imagine a world where children are guided to hold on to their creativity and not be afraid of failing and constantly improving? With English language as the vehicle, our world will never be dull. It will be full of future leaders who know how to innovate and constantly improve.

The Unique English Classroom (UEC) has been created to teach children how to grow more creative through writing their own story– to follow their dream of becoming a young author and be recognized internationally. To be globally competitive, it is not enough for children to know how to speak and write English. First and most importantly, they should learn how to understand, not just other people who use the language but them as well when they speak, think and write English.

 UEC Creative Educators exercising their acting chops to demo a lesson about a book entitled “What Mona Wants, Mona Gets” while Catherine observes and gives feedback.

This year will highlight this objective more as UEC Philippines is gearing towards sending the best Filipino young writers to compete in the international stage. As preparation, we have conducted the first Refresher Course to start the year. Catherine Khoo, the founder of UEC herself, graced the event to meet the franchisees and the teachers not only to discuss the UEC vision and mission but to also improve their skills and brainstorm business strategies. This refresher training and the subsequent planned sessions will empower franchisees to confidently teach and sell the program. Topics during the 2-day course were UEC Branding, Sales Strategies and Demo Lessons. Catherine gave feedback on every presentation highlighting the use of the creative arts – singing, dancing, games, acting, drawing to assist in a child’s love of writing and English.


Who is Catherine Khoo?

“Love! Live Dangerously! And Have Fun!”

Just like the title of her memoir, Catherine Khoo fully embodies the spirit of the Unique English Classroom and her passion has been shared and assimilated by the franchisees and teachers with their own vision and goals. Like being mentored directly by Jack Ma if you’re working for Alibaba or Richard Branson if you’re flying Virgin Airlines, the opportunity to be taught and guided by the founder herself is golden.

She has been an author, educator, publisher, since 1988 and her passion to educate and foundation in media lead her to establish Janus Education, which The Unique English Classroom is part of. As a culmination of the UEC Program, Catherine made the Young Author Scheme wherein she mentors hopeful writers under 18 to pen their first novel and build up a deep appreciation for the English Language.

Catherine Khoo discusses the key elements of a story to better guide children how to write.

Why UEC?

Filipinos are known globally to be good in speaking English. However, English is not just about speaking fluently or having a neutral accent. English is a vehicle to create and share stories that every person, every child has. UEC is the only English program in the Philippines that is open for franchise, which paves a way for a young author to be published and to compete internationally. With a distinct growth path and a goal in mind, UEC can guide them towards the dreams of being a Young Author. Children will have the chance of winning the Young Author Awards, which is a prestigious annual international award whereby each country will pit their very best against each other, with only 3 emerging as the top winners. They also get the chance to join the exclusive Young Author Club with other children around the world.

In the Philippines, UEC is composed of four progressive programs: Kids Can Read, Alpha Learners, Alpha Authors and Aspiring Writers & Illustrators Scheme respectively. These programs were painstakingly developed to encourage children as young as 4 years old to love the English Language, grooming them until they’re ready to introduce their written creation to the world.

Certified UEC Creative Educators posing with the founder and author, Ms. Catherine Khoo

Why join Us?

The Unique English classroom is managed by Enrich Asia in the Philippines and the team provides close support to all franchisees to ensure business success. With your passion and our expertise in sales and marketing training, audits and constant curriculum trainings, you can be a part of the realization of a young author’s dream! Do you want to be part of a world full of creativity and potential? You can! And let’s start it with our children.

If you are interested to franchise UEC contact the franchise manager at 0977-8239910 or email



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