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UEC Pasig rises amidst the Pandemic

By: Marlet Magno

Edited by: Rafi Sartin

UEC Pasig is the first purely online center of the Unique English Classroom. Ms. Marlet Magno, owner of UEC Pasig, ratified the agreement a few weeks prior to the pandemic and it was indeed a blessing in disguise to venture into a business, ready to pivot to online learning swiftly during these uncertain times.

Ms. Marlet is a business consultant and used to be the business development manager of an IT school based in Singapore. This IT school has branched out in several countries including the Philippines. They were able to set up 51 branches in 18 months’ time. As a seasoned businesswoman herself, Ms. Marlet writes about the edge that UEC has over is competitors.

She attests:

English will never go “Out of Style”

I saw UEC (The Unique English Classroom) as a program that can help not only in English as a second language but as a learning tool for other subjects as well. Learning is easier if students can truly comprehend and understand what they are reading and what is taught. UEC responds to that basic requirement of helping students with comprehension. With better comprehension, we open our students to better learning opportunities and more resources become available to them. Hence, they are able to learn more, understand more and become globally competitive.

For businessmen, we open our minds to opportunities that are timely and in demand. Education is a business that is not a fad but is a necessity and that it will never “go out of style”. The food business will be lucrative but it is a fickle business. UEC presents an opportunity that will always be a need. Though the challenge is to create a niche amongst other available tools, English will always be a part of the school and business world. There are other franchises that may be able to provide similar programs, but the global competitiveness is an edge not only for the franchise but for the products of the center.

Technology is Opportunity

The Online Learning transition should be able to help reach students who are currently unable to come to the center and participate in their modules. While it is a challenge for the younger students, we can use the opportunity to teach both technology and English at the same time. This will give UEC an advantage over other similar programs. We can help address this need with a blended style to easily transition the students from face to face learning towards the Online Learning Platform.

While today’s generation has technology at the tip of their hands, and information is within their reach, it is important that we guide them with the proper use of this available technology and discernment on what is right and wrong amongst the information available to them. There is important information available that is not understood or is taken in the wrong context, because comprehension is poor. When vocabulary is vast, comprehension is strong and swift.

In UEC, we have transformed our face-to-face enrichment programs to suit the online environment. For basic grammar lessons, we have the English Rules program for 9 to 12 years old. For basic story writing, we have a program called Writing without Tears also for 9 to 12 years old. For advanced writers (13 to 18 years old) we have developed Cool Critics which is a literary appreciation program. All of these programs are interactive and definitely unlike the usual online class.

Be part of the UEC Family

For young start-ups and entrepreneurs, we highly encourage you to experience the programs of UEC as part of our franchise system. Not only do we have strong programs that can complement and supplement learning in school, these also help our students become leaders of tomorrow. The confidence that they develop in both spoken and written English is something that they can bring as mature members of the corporate world. And the true reward of a successful business is successful student products.


The Unique English Classroom is an English Program shaping Creativity in Writing and Communication. Armed with more than 21 years of experience, we have painstakingly created a program to encourage children to love the English Language. Every child is creative, unique and brimming with potential. What he needs is the right pathway and encouragement to allow him to express himself. From our foundation programs to our champion programs, your child will unleash his potential.

If you are interested to franchise please contact Clark at 0917-639-1896. To know more about the Unique English Classroom, visit our website and our Facebook Page.



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