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The Pill | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Creative Writing Competition Branch Level 2020


Before the slumber of mine, in 1989, I was in a laboratory to test out new medicine that was specifically made to make people regain energy without sleeping. The reason I took the offer in because they were giving around $2000 to be a test subject. I was given the pill and held it on my hand with suspicion. I was wondering what the side effects of the pill were if I took it in, but it’s too late so I took in the pill without hesitation and passed away. I was in a coma but what’s weird about this was that I can hear everything outside of my dream. During my coma, I heard an explosion! I was guessing that it was a machine that broke down but it was much worse. A nuke that the Soviet Union dropped on our beloved country and affected the whole state of California. Soon after that, war was once again declared. I heard gunshots and grenades, which was really scary! And around 14 years later, the noise was gone. It was the year 2019 and I still haven’t regained my consciousness but I have gained my sense of smell! But when I was granted this sense, I smelled something similar to a bomb explosion. I questioned myself, ‘’Is this the reason that I can’t hear any voice?’’. And I soon wondered what caused the explosion then soon I remembered that 14 years ago that the Soviet Union dropped a nuke. Some time has passed and I was wondering why I still haven’t died being exposed from radiation. After all that, I have regained consciousness and found out that the building I was in were turned into ruins. I tried to find my way out and I couldn’t believe my eyes of how much technology was changed. But first, I’m trying to find something that reflects light so I can look at my appearance after all these years and after that I began exploring! There were flying cars and teleportation portals. People always have a robot companion and they were eating reusable food which was really odd and questionable. I was wondering around the place and someone noticed me and It was my childhood friend, Rupert! He looked very old around in his 60s and told me everything that had happened during my coma. I was relieved that I wasn’t lonely in this world. Soon he bought me some nice clothes to wear, food to eat and water to drink, and shelter to sleep to. We went to a job center and found a minimum wage job which was a really high wage back then because it was more than the money I got from testing the pill. The job was about researching pills about gaining energy without having to sleep. It was a long day so I went to Rupert’s house to get some rest. We both woke up on the urge to travel to different places. We first went to the biggest mall of all time which measured about 8 military bases wide and 4 skyscrapers tall stacked on each other. We shopped and ate there and it was really fun. Next we went to the movies and the seats were holograms. I was surprised that it could support weight to someone like me. The screen was also hologramic and we put in headphones that floats given to us. We watched a movie with the genre history and I found out that’s what happened when I was asleep. We went to a store with a lot of PCs and games too find and they were really thin and really big. Phones were now attached to as glasses and can be controlled through the nerves that were connected to the ear lobe. We bought the glasses and a PC set up to start working on my job. Things went simple for a while and I got myself an apartment and I was glad that I could live out of my friend’s house. I bought some furniture and when I was going back to my apartment, I saw the ruins I was in when I was in a coma. It made me feel nostalgic. So I went back to my house and unpacked all my stuff and assembling the furniture together. It was a comfy home but I knew I could have done better. It was my day off so I watched JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure on my television and I got a mail from someone and thought it was a letter for me. I opened the mail and I read, ‘’You were expecting a letter, but it was I, Erik, your brother!’’ with money in the mail. So I thought about it if he wanted me to go to his house. I asked Rupert if he knew Erik and he said, ‘’Oh, Erik. He’s the CEO of the richest company in the planet of Earth.’’. And I was like, WHAT! I wasn’t shocked that he had the richest company on the planet, but the fact that people now live on other planets was the one that shriveled my toes. Rupert was actually an assistant of Erik so he called him and asked where he lives. He told me the address of his home place and went to his place. His house was humongous and gorgeous. It was not like any other house I have seen. It was about nature so it was full of trees, flowers, plants and wild animals. Erik came out of the door and welcomed me in his home. I went in and It seems like he was preparing a room for me he had made in his building. So we chatted for awhile while he’s giving me a house tour of his place. He showed every room left and right and we got to the room he has prepared for me. I looked at the room and it was much bigger than the apartment I live in. But I thought to myself. ‘’If I accept this, wouldn’t I become lazy and since he’s treating me this, will I become lazy too?’’. So he told me if I wanted to live here and kindly replied ‘’Daga Kotawaru’’, which means ‘I refuse’ in Japanese. My brother didn’t get furious because he knew what kind of person I was, very responsible for his only goods. Then my brother showed me a special room that only authorized people can enter. It was a time machine but it was a one time use. So he asked me if I wanted to go back in time to experience the life I would have been while I was in a coma. I told my brother, ‘’ I’ll think about it’’. Me and my brother went to the mall and bought a lot of stuff for me. We went to the tech store and bought me the latest technology there is which were game machines based on rhythm and mania. We then went to an arcade and I found the games that they used to play back then like Pac – Man and Centipede. When I compared this to the other games in the arcade, it was no match. The games had really high resolutions and graphics like it was real life. I decided to try out the new games and decided to battle my brother in Dance Dance Revolution which was a game you have to use your feet to hit the jumping arrows. I lost of course but I had a great time. It was a long day so I went back to my apartment and collapsed on my bed. I woke and it was noon! I was in a rush to go to work. I found the ruins I was in and decided to skip work for today. I went in the ruins and explored why I didn’t die from the radiation. I ventured for a bit and found the room I was in. I investigated and found my skeleton doctor. My mom wasn’t in the hospital so I investigated further and got some important information. My mother was alive! But I still don’t know the mystery of my coma. Was it that I was immune to radiation? Did I actually die and got resurrected? I didn’t get the answer to my own question so I decided to get some help. I asked my brother where my mother was and told me she was in another country. So I went to that country and went to her location then we both met. She had the disease Alzheimer and she forgot who I was. I told her the story and told me that she didn’t knew that. So I went back to America to see my friend Rupert if my mom had any relatives that he knew to help me know the secret of my surviving. Rupert said yes and it was my uncle, Giorno. He was Italian so I went to Italy to find him. He told me everything in every last bit of detail and told me that the pill I actually took in was the wrong pill and gave me immortality but I can still feel pain. So I decided to try if I am immortal so I stabbed myself with a knife straight to the heart and I was still alive. So I thanked him for the information and went back to my brother’s place and told him where the time machine is. I told him to lead me to the time machine to remove my immortality. So I went into the time machine and went back in time. I declined the offer of the pill and started all over again. It was a fun ride but I get to experience it again.

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