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The Little Frenchman That Could | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019


“Our story begins in Paris, France with a little boy named Pierre Moutgart, a fearful boy who was afraid of everything, leading him to be isolated from his peers at age 6. He was born to a couple, Sasha, the wife, and Ludwig, the husband in 2007. His place of education is Coranda National Private School One lonely Saturday, Pierre decided to take a few steps outside when his fear overtook him, and he fell.

“Mommy!” he screamed, as his clumsiness lunged him forth into the ground.

“Pierre?” his mother questioned, while looking for him.

Pierre ran towards his mother, crying.

“Are you okay?” his mother asked him, worried.

“My arm hurts really bad!”, Pierre screamed, pointing at his bruised arm.

“Hold tight, I’ll help you!”, his mother said, running to get a first aid kit.


Two days go by.

While at school the following Monday, Pierre dipped his toes into the world of socializing, partly conquering his fear and meeting Martha Dinkleberg, whom he would go on to marry in later years


The next day, Pierre ran errands with his dad, Ludwig. They finish shopping, conquering his other fear. Which are malls.

Three weeks go by.


Pierre hears about a free tour of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world. He goes up 50 floors before he looks out and sees that he is 54,000 feet above the ground, shocking him, and driving him close to tears.

“bawling Mom, I don’t feel so good about doing this! more sobbing, followed by a cough.”,Pierre cried loudly. Distracting himself with his phone.

It’ll all be okay sweetie. Me and your dad are here to help you get through this!” his mom told him lovingly.

With a newfound resolve coursing through him, Pierre continued to look outside. His sad tears turned to happiness. He did it. He finally conquered his fear. He was so sad when the tour ended, thereafter expressing his desire to go to the Burj Khalifa again.

After that point, he was the complete opposite of his former self, doing more than he ever could as a child. At 34, as part of his newfound fearlessness, he formed a company known aptly as the P&L Fearless Consortium. He later married a girl named Martha. At 50, he continued to fearlessly run the company with very little trepidation.

Upon turning 75, he didn’t fear his impending demise, and lived to be 100 years as of 2055. but then died of severe heartburn

Martha gave birth to triplets, they were christened Dana, Justin and Michael.

She then died of Pancreatic Cancer afterwards. Before dying, Pierre dissolved the company, and died happy knowing that his sons and daughters will be the best people

He later learned that you “should never give up on whatever you do, and to never let anyone judge or belittle you just because they think that your ambition is stupid or it’s not what they expected from you”.

“He was our hero, our grace, but most importantly, he is our father. And a good one too.” Said the triplets, wiping tears eulogizing Pierre.

“And he was fearless too.” Justin interjected, wiping tears

“He will surely be missed.” added Dana with such genuinity that she made everyone cry louder

In loving memory of Pierre Moutgart, c.2007-2058

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