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The Darkest Case | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

“Should we help him?” a man asked his co-worker by his side. “No we almost got fired last time! No.” he scolded. The banging on the door grew louder. The door says “do not open” for some reason. He ran as fast as he could but still, he could outrun the creature of darkness that he created. Carlton didn’t know what to do until he found a metal door. He clenched his bloody fist and banged the door as hard as he can. “Let me out! Let me out!” he yelled but figured it was no use he sat there full of regret until the door opened. The two guards were surprised about what they saw; a man with ragged clothes, bloody hands and a filthy face. The two workers asked him if he was ok and what did this to him, he pointed at the metal door. The only one made out of metal. Finally he opened his mouth and said “a monster I tell ya a monster!!!” the two tried to close the door. And then a creature of pure darkness burst out the door! A creature with blade for hands and bloody fur. The two guards tried to attack but the monster swiped in perfect aim to decapitate the two guards. Then Carlton woke!

“It was a dream!” Carlton exclaimed, he looked around him. He saw cushions everywhere; walls, floors and even the ceiling! He trapped and his hands or long sleeves were connected. Then he remembered. He was strapped down on a bed then he was sent to a mental hospital. He remembered the case the night, he was with some friend on a camping trip. He found a bear dark as night he went in his tent while his friends were by the campfire. Suddenly he heard a scream he went to the just to find a blood. He saw claw marks on the bodies, his friend’s bodies. His friends died on the spot he called all. When he got home his behavior has changed his family caught him drawing claw marks on his chest with a knife and found him starting a fire in every room in the house saying “it would lure him out, the monster out”. Not only was he traumatized he was also bit by bit losing his mind. And there he was sitting in a room full of cushions.

He was trapped. Its been twenty years until the case was closed. “It was a man not a bear.” Detective Dobbs told the family. “he’s been scared of the dark all his life, so he went camping with his friends at night just to face his fears. But then a wanted criminal came by, his friends saw the wanted criminal so he, the criminal, killed his friends and when he came out he saw blood, he blamed the bear “the Detective told the press. The day after the murderer was caught He was known as John John Doe. He faced his fears it did not turn out well.

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