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The Closet | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

Once there is a girl name Elizabeth her parents die when she was 4 years old so her grandmother is the one taking care of her. She grew up being generous and polite. Elizabeth was now 13 years old while her grandmother is now 53. Elizabeth started to hear many things like she is scared of thunder, frogs and even onion she always imagines that someone is looking at her while sleeping and here her grand mother help her to be strong no matter what. Though she’s scared she tries to be calm and be brave. She learned to be brave like a warrior. It was her birthday today so her grandmother plans to buy a closet for her Elizabeth was so happy and liked her gift even it is simple she smiled at her grandmother an hug her tightly and said “this is the most precious gift she ever have in her life she so she open her closet and saw a portal she go inside the portal and teleported her to a different dimension there she saw a beautiful giant forest full of beautiful flowers, trees, and animals after looking the beautiful forest she was lost and scared, she didn’t know what to do, but she remember that her grandmother be brave, so she walk and walk and have found the portal she was happy that she is back and ran to the portal she explain what happen to her grandmother and her grandmother didn’t believe what she said so Elizabeth was sad because her grandma did not believe her so she lay down to her bed. She though and thought about the closet so she go to her grandma and bring her to the closet she opened the closet and saw there is no portal she tried and tried but there is no portal she said sorry to her grandmother, and her grandmother forgive her and hug to each other then Elizabeth woke up and said. It was only a dream and prayed to God that she woke because some people cannot wake up anymore. She kissed her grandma and explain what had happen to her dream and she learned to be brave and realized how it works. After twenty years her grandmother got ill and told Elizabeth even if I’m gone be brave no matter what. And face your fears like Elizabeth.

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