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The Brave Knight and the Princess | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

Once upon a time there was a princess locked in an abandoned castle. A huge dragon was guarding the castle then the princess was alone. One day a man who was chopping wood saw a dark spooky forest entrance but he was afraid to enter. He told to his friends. He said there was a dark and spooky forest near to my house. But his friends never believed. He crafted a sword, shield and armor then went through the dark forest. Before he left there was traps, bats and even bones. Then he stepped on a tap it almost shot onto his eye. He continued walking then he saw a river full of deadly sharks. But he couldn’t find a way through. He continued to find a way cross. At last he found a tree tilting to the other side of the river he climbed and almost fell. As he went along the path, he found a bed in a tree he stayed there until its morning.

He continued walking along until he found a maze. He walked and walked until the end his friends was worrying he wont be back. After several hours, a friend of the man had an idea. He said lets build a helicopter and fly to see our friend. Then the rest agreed, the man finally reach the end of the maze and then continued walking. After 30mins, he found a chest full of golden coins but some alligators was guarding the chest. The only way is to go through. He fought the alligators and won, then he touched the coins. But the coins was actually cursed. The man screamed but never gave up he said I will try my best. But he had said that he turned into a frog. A witch appeared she said hihihihi the only way to break the spell is to go home and never come back. The man who was a frog can still talk. He said I will never give up and I’ll face my fears. The witch was shocked to see or heard the man talking. As soon as the witch was scared she broke the curse and the man was now back to normal.

As he went, he saw a huge castle that was abandoned for centuries. He saw a dragon guarding the one who goes through. Then he saw a princess locked in the castle with no one except her inside. He the man was named after the king in the castle. The name of the man was Robert jr and the princess was jenny. The two were actually cousins he shouted jenny jenny, jenny answered Robert Robert. Then the dragon heard. The dragon growled at Robert. The Robert charged at the dragon talking it for good. But as Robert charged the dragon was the first to hit. Robert hew far into the woods then come back. He fought again and lost. Fought then lost. But then he had an idea. His friends saw him then landed down, helping to defeat the dragon. Then it became 5 vs 1. Robert who was invited bad charged to the dragons eye. Then the dragon was defeated. Then his fears and to all of us we should be proud to all of we done good. And the Robert was declared a brave knight of the kingdom and then they lived happily ever after.

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