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The Cabin | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

“YOU CAN’T RUN, AMA.” That voice… it filled her mind with true fear. Fear that made her want to grovel and curl up into a ball in the corner. She tried to move her body. It didn’t respond. It was like she was completely paralyzed. Her body was stuck lying down. Her back was stuck […]

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High Hopes | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

Being Content was the joyful feeling of being satisfied. I remember the distant sea greeting me with a warm smile. My thoughts ran across my mind as I observed the endless blue. Curiosity got ahead of me, and I found myself running towards the seashore. Worried about what mother would say if I wet my […]

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Why Parents should Encourage their Young Authors to join Creative Writing Contests

Children are continuously figuring out their place in the world. Where they will excel, where they will succeed, where they can make their parents feel proud of them. Oftentimes, because of the fear of failure, they are not verbal about their interests. That is why most parents will be surprised about their child’s superb grade […]

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Young Authors Scheme Participants to Write 3,000-Word Storybooks

You are never too young to write a book. Children get to learn to write their very own 3,000-word storybooks and improve descriptive and vocabulary skills. All stories are entered into the Young Author Awards, a regional writing competition for under-18s. Shortlisted and winning stories are published as e-books or in print, or in the […]

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