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My Fear of Darkness | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

One day when I was watching cartoons in our living room with my brothers turned off the lights and I was so afraid. I said to my mommy, Help! Help! My mommy said just stay calm and just only stay in one place but I didn’t follow mommy’s instruction. My toys are all on the […]

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Story Feature : My Field Trip Experience

Field Trips are the best. Young students look forward to it because not only will they have fun with their classmates, they will venture outside the school as well. Here is Isabelle’s story.  Yesterday, February 15, 2019, we had our field trip. It was so much fun. Our first destination was the Jollibee Commissary. It […]

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Raise a 21st Century-Ready Child with The Unique English Classroom

According to a survey conducted in America, the top 5 careers parents want for their children are the following: (1) Engineer (2) Doctor (3) Scientist (4) Nurse (5) Architect. Is this top 5 list the same you wish for your child? What do these careers have in common? Interests in the Sciences, Math and Reading […]

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AWIS Story Feature : A Princess and Travelers: A Stone to Find

The Unique English Classroom is proud of our 9 year old young author – Kaira from UEC West Avenue. Check out her story below about the god of bullies and an amazing powerful stone!   A Princess and Travelers: A Stone to find By: Kaira Chapter One: A Born Hero Once upon a time, in […]

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