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Story Feature : Wishing Stairs

In her own way. Christia from UEC Batangas, retells a spooky story about two ballerina friends in this short story entitled Wishing Stairs. 

Once upon a time there was a two girls named Rose and Jisoo. They are ballerinas. All of the girls practice. Rose is Secretary of Teacher Jennie for playing music for the finals. Jisoo is mad because Rose is the best ballerina, said Teacher Jennie. Jisoo put some broken glass into Rose shoes. Now, Rose is dead and then Jisoo is happy. She sleeps in the department and then something strange is coming from the window and CR. She was wearing a white dress and red eyes and her nails are so long and her hair is very black and that was Rose. Jisoo hides in her cabinet. Jisoo counts to 20. But in 3 mins, Rose came. Jisoo ran away to the practice room. Its so dark. When Jisoo saw Rose, she was haunted by her. Rose is following her everyday, so Jisoo apologized to Rose. Their photos became ghosts. Jisoo and Rose are not friends now.  This is my story.

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