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Story Feature : My Field Trip Experience

Field Trips are the best. Young students look forward to it because not only will they have fun with their classmates, they will venture outside the school as well. Here is Isabelle’s story. 

Yesterday, February 15, 2019, we had our field trip. It was so much fun. Our first destination was the Jollibee Commissary. It was where the product of Jollibee was being made. Our visit there was just short and there was just little to see. It was my least favourite out of all the places we went to. The next destination is at University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna. We went there because of the Botanical Garden and the National Museum of History. We saw different types of plants and different kinds of animals. After that, we went to the Rizal Shrine, Jose Rizal’s former house. Of course my friends and I joke and laugh with each other from time to time, wherever we go. Last destination and my favorite one is the Enchanted Kingdom. Hannah, Daniella ,Ivan, Nikos, Lance and I, first rode the Disco Magic ride. It was very fun and thrilling. It felt like we were about to fall off our seats any moment. Then, the next ride we went on was the Vikings one, I went on it with the same people as the disco magic. Then we went to the Extreme Tower ride but while we were waiting in line, Ivan, and I backed out and watched them instead. After that, Hannah, Daniella, and Sergio went on the Space Shuttle ride. While there were there, I decided to walk around and look for my other friends. Luckily, I found them. They were getting ready to leave since almost time but they insisted that they still want to ride one more so I suggested the Flying Fiesta. So, I rode it again but this time with my friends from grade six and seven. And it was just the right ride to end the day. This field trip is my favorite out of all the field trips I went to. Many memories were made that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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