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Story Feature : My Camping Experience

Connecting with the outdoors is one of the best ways to be creative. One of our Young Authors – Adon from UEC Batangas writes about his camping experience. 

First, I needed to wake up at 5:30 am so I am not late. Second, I ate nuggets with malunggay rice for breakfast. Third, I brushed my teeth, so it is clean. Fourth, I went to the bathroom and took a shower. Fifth, I wore my Kab Scout uniform. Sixth, I went to the car. Seventh, we arrived to the event. Eight, I was scared to cross the hanging bridge, but I still successfully went to the campsite. Ninth, when I went to my campsite, I saw Jarel, Samuel, Hans, and the other scouts. Tenth, there was a competition where scouts should put up a tent fast. Eleventh, we chose Samuel’s tent because it was so big! Twelfth, Teacher Mariel and Teacher Lloyd didn’t know how to build a tent. Fourteenth, the coordinator helped us how to built a tent. Fifthteenth, we made a banner using nature things and saw a snake and we yelled. Sixteenth, we showed a banner and yelled. Seventeenth, we played games. Eighteenth, we played the sack race. Nineteenth, we crawled at the mud. Twentieth, we said the ‘Batas ng Kab Scout’.

Twenty-first, we went to the first station. Twenty-second, we went to second station and it was the time to wash our hands. Twenty-third, we ate lunch at Samuel’s big tent. Twenty-fourth, we played the “ Hula hoop Thingi Game”. Twenty-fifth, we played “tug of war”. Twenty-sixth, we received our certificate. And last but not the least, I finally found our car and went home.

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