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Story Feature : Movie with Classmates

Do you remember the first movie you watched with your closest friends? Idania, our AWIS student from UEC Batangas remembers. Read her story below!


It was a Friday morning and I woke up to the sound of my mother knocking on our door; so I got up and opened the door. My mother told me to take a bath; so I head to my room to get my towel and then I walked to the bathroom to take a shower. After I took a shower, I head to my room to put my clothes on and then I head downstairs and ate breakfast. I brushed my teeth after I ate breakfast then I said goodbye to my parents, then kuya Gene drove us to SM. When we got to SM, I saw my classmates in line, waiting for the mall to open. I walked to my classmates and fell in line. After a few minutes of waiting in line, the mall finally opened. When we all got inside the mall, they led us to the cinema to watch a movie called Coco. They led us to our assigned seats and to my right is my best friend Ayana and on my left is Gab. While we were watching, we started getting bored of waiting for our food because the other students’ food has already arrived and ours haven’t. The movie has ended and a lot of people tear up cause there was a part that was really sad but I didn’t cry . We never got our food so our teacher told us to buy at Jollibee, so we did. After we bought our food, we head back to our school to eat and for our teachers to discuss the lessons. But when we arrived, we saw a box of food from Jollibee. We remembered that it was one of our classmates’ birthday. We ate our food that we bought and we kept the one from our classmate. It was a fun day with my classmates and I will never forget the first time we watched a movie together in cinema.

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