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Story Feature : Lenn the Fairy

Adon, a Young Author from UEC Batangas, introduces us to a brave fairy named Lenn and how the feisty little creature stood up for her kind. 

Once upon a time, there was a fairy named Lenn. Lenn was a stunning, blushed and a breathless person. She also loved animals, according to her. One day, she saw a person that was a fairy hunter. She hid behind the bushes. She was very nervous at the fairy hunter because the hunter had a gadget that can find any fairies. Then, she nervously looked beside the bushes to see if the hunter found her. After, she suddenly waddled her wings which were covered with leaves. Next, the hunter found her and Lenn shouted stop!!!

“If you keep capturing fairies, we will fight cause we have magic,” Lenn said. Then suddenly, the fairies captured her then the hunter didn’t get any single fairy again.

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