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Story Feature : Dear Santa Claus

The happiest season of all is coming! Have you already written a letter to Santa? Try it! Just like what our student from UEC Batangas did.

Dear Santa Claus,

Merry Christmas! Santa, I gave you this letter so I can put my wishes and I can greet you by writing. Now Santa, I have wishes. My wishes are school supplies from Miniso Japan, I am smarter than the older days, Tanka Vehicles, Slime, a blue notebook, headphones, headset and boxer shorts. If you want to be more generous, maybe you can add Lego, cash, stickers, a volleyball, a teddy bear, a new bag, new pair of shoes ( with roller skates), a keychain, hot wheels, pie face, fantastic gymnastic, a toy piano, a table tennis set, Play Doh, Speech Breaker, Nerf, a pet bird, a pet dog, a pet hamster,and a calendar(2019).

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