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Story By A Contestant (#9): My Unique Summer Vacation


“Kath, where’s my bags?!” Anna, the youngest in the family shouted. Anna is the most playful person in the family, she loves to play badminton and hide and seek with her siblings and she never fails to put a smile on everyone’s faces. She’s just nine years old but she sounds more mature than her other siblings. “I don’t know, ask mom!” Kath, the middle child in the family, shouted back. Her actual name is Katherine but her close friends and family calls her Kath for short. Kath loves to read books and play the violin. She’s the kindest person in the family/ She always helps Anna on her homework and projects in school. A lot of people in school always calls her a nerd even though she only loves to read books and always get straight A’s. She hates being called a nerd. Kath is twelve years old and she’s in sixth grade. “Kath help me get this bags in the car!” Mike, the eldest child in the family shouted. Mike is sixteen years old, he loves to play Basketball and sing. He’s the most popular guy in his school and the girls drool over him, but he only fell for one girl. Lillia, the girl Mike dream to have since he was in elementary. He always trys to impress her but always fails, because Mike’s label in Lilia’s life is a playboy. Mike date Lilia’s bestfriend once, and broke up with her in front of everyone. Lilia’s bestfriend was heartbroken and Lilia was furious. Mike felt guilt all over his body for breaking her heart, but he didn’t mean to. Mike is a nice guy, he didn’t mean hurting people around him. He always protects his younger siblings because they’re both girls and he doesn’t want them to get hurt by a guy. “Guys, hurry up we have to catch the ship!” they’re mother shouted. Melissa, the mother of two daughters and one son. She loves her kids very much that she would do anything for them. Melissa planned to spend they’re whole summer in an island, but first they have to ride a ship to go to the island. Melissa is married to a man named Billy, the father of Anna, Kath and Mike. Billy is the strongest in the family, he always helps his daughters and son in things they can’t do. He always fix the broken things in the house and he always protects them in any harm. “Ready?” Melissa, the mother, asked while looking at her kids in their seats in the car. “Ready as I’ll ever be” Mike answered. “Ready” Kath answered. “Let’s go!” Anna shouted while putting her hands up. Everyone laughed at Anna’s cheerful and energetic answer. Billy, the father, started the engine as the car started moving and they’re now off to the ship. After four hours in the road, they finally arrived in the place where they ride the ships to get ge somewhere they need or want to be. The family quickly run to the place where they gave their tickets. Then run inside the ship. As they went in the ship, the doors close and the were the last people that went in the ship. “Thank god we made it!” Melissa said out of breath. “Ugh! I’m so tired” Anna said out of breath too. “Do you want a piggyback ride?” Mike asked Anna. “yes please!” Anna answered. Anna went behind Mike and jump on his back. “Let’s find our seats” Billy said checking the paper where they’re assigned seats are written. “I think we’re there” Billy said pointing to an empty seats of five. They went there and sat on the empty seats. Mike didn’t realize that Anna fell asleep on his back so he lay her down on his and Anna’s seat so she can sleep well. “I’ll just look around” Mike said to his parents, “Okay, stay safe” Billy said. While Mike was looking around the ship, Kath was reading a book , Billy is reading on checking the newspaper, while Melissa is also reading or checking the magazine, and of course Anna is sleeping peacefully. After a few hours in the ship, Anna woke up from her sleep, while the three are still reading the same thing, and Mike I guess is still looking around. “Gosh! Reading is so boring!” Anna said calling the attention of her parents and Kath. “It’s not” Kath answered while still looking at book and not making eye contact with Anna. “yes it is! I don’t even know why it’s invented.” Anna said annoyed. “Try reading the book “reasons why reading is fun” it’s a good book” Billy said laughing. “Ugh!” Anna said super annoyed. After a few more hours, Mike went back to his seat and they have arrived to their destination. They get their bags then went out of the ship. “Wow, this place is heaven” Anna said amused by the island. They went to the small house where they have to get their room number key. When they found their room, they rest first before they explore the island. The Island was huge and it has a lot of trees and plants. Anna was right, the place looks like heaven. In the island, there was a lot of small houses where people stay and there was a lot of restaurants and other shops where people can buy souvineers. After a few hours, the family started exploring the place, buying stuff and eating at restaurants. After they explore, they went back to their room and took a shower then slept early to have a lot of energy the next day. The next day, the family swim in the beach, took some pictures and have fun. Once a week in the island, there were events like people dancing with fire, car show, contests, and many more so people wouldn’t get bored. Until one day, while the family were looking around the place, they didn’t realize that Anna isn’t with them anymore. Billy and Melissa were so worried while Kath and Mike are trying to calm them down and be positive. They went to a small house where you can report incidents. A lot of people tried to find Anna but it has been hours and still no sign of Anna. It was getting late, but no one has found Anna yet. Then after a few minutes they heard someone laughing. They check it and saw Anna with some friends, “Anna!” The parents said the hugged her. “Where have you been?!” Mike asked. “I’m sorry! I just found some new friends and played with them. I didn’t mean to worry all of you” Anna answered with cute little voice. The family were so happy and went back to the room safe.


This short story was written during the Young Authors Competition on April 13, 2019 held at UEC Batangas City.

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