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Story By A Contestant (#16): The Unusual Dream


It was a dark and stormy night, a young man was running out in the cold, trying to seek shelter. That man’s name was Christian Jawhawk. He was a very mysterious man others would say, but you’ll never know chances of something quite unexpected. He was starting to loose hope, thinking that he’s gonna be stuck in this awful downpour, but wait, what’s that around the corner? An old mansion that’s what. He hurried up the steps of the huge house, there he found himself at the front of two large gates. He couldn’t just stay out there in the cold, so he knocked three times and small hatch opened around the corner of his eyes. He swept down to the open hatch and to his surprise, he saw a cockatoo staring into his deep, brown eyes. Christian spoke, “My, my! Such a beautiful, white bird I see. Who would dare leave alone such a creature like you!” Suddenly the parrot giggled and said “Thank you for the compliment, I am quite the razzle-dazzle myself aren’t I? What a man of good taste! I’ll let you in.” Christian slipped and the weird, talking parrot flew out from sight. Then the gates opened with one big creak. Christian, with much shock in his eyes, out from the cold slowly crawled inside. Once he got in, the gates slammed into place. Christian was getting chiller. He couldn’t see anything. The atmosphere was very eerie which gave him shivers down his spine, the room was darken than the sky he was under before and the dead cold silence, making him feel uneasy. Then, without any sound of someone flipping a switch, chandeliers started light up one by one. Amazed by the sight, the room was beautiful. Two curved staircases and hard railing made of shiny silver, the flooring made of marble and quartz, not a single spot tainted its gleam, a fountain made of gold which sprouted the purest of water chandeliers beautiful and delicate, giving the room a nice slice of light and red carpets along the floor. Christian thought he was dreaming and decided to pinch himself, having to sting, he realized this was reality. Then the talking parrot came fluttering along and sat on his shoulder. “Like it? To bad this place is going down soon.” Christian jumped, the parrot flew and laughed. “Is this your first time seeing a talking parrot? Must be. Anyways, what makes you come here to this old place ha?” Christian answered. “I was looking for shelter because of the rain.” “Oh.”

Then the parrot answered yet again. “Nope! That’s not what you’re really seeking for! What your seeking for is a family am I right?” “W-what!? How’d you know? Can you read minds?” “Yes you middle-aged man! I don’t mean to shout, its just that I haven’t seen anyone came here since four decades ago.” “Four decades!?” “Yes, decades it is mate. So tell me, why are you so deeply tested huh?” “You mean depressed?” “Yup. Let me guess… You have a late family don’t you?” Christian slowly lowered his head and nodded. “You poor thing! I have an idea!” The parrot flew off and soon came back ten minutes later with a book. It was very dusty. The parrot told Christian to catch the book and so was done. “Fulfill your wishes using this book, it might make you feel better. Just hold the book with both your bare hands and wish for what you want.” But then Christian dropped the book. “Hey! What was that for!?” “Using a book that can grant wishes? That’s pretty much cheating right? Its very unfair.” The parrot was somehow pleased by his words. “Well, you ain’t getting wishes but you are getting the mansion. “I don’t need it. I don’t wanna leave you homeless but I guess I could make one wish.” Christian picked up the book and wished. “I wish for my new parrot friend to not be lonely and that his home shall not be destroyed so that he can go along with his happy living.” The parrot started to weld up tears and said. “Such a good man you are! You’re kind and fair! I hope you will remember me and I shall remember you.” And then everything stopped. “Oh dad please continue the story! Its super nice!” My children pleaded, if your wondering what happened then I was just telling a tale about my old dream. I said to my kids. “Why so interested in such a boring fairytale?” “Because it’s nice!” Nicholas said. “I want two parrots now.” Helen screeched. I chuckled. “Isn’t that a bit to much?” “No! One for me and one for Nicks.” “Haha! I’ll ask your mother about it.” Then I heard footsteps entering the room. There I saw my beautiful angel, Lucy. Her blue eyes, raven-black hair, fair skin, her black dress and her wonderful wings are just lovely. “Hun, the kids want a parrot, can we buy one?” “Why have a bird when you already have a big one!” And she tackled us all, starting a tickle fight. I’m very happy I have a family but I didn’t forget that silly parrot. Soon years will pass, and I’d like to hear amazing stories from my kids when they get older. Well, I couldn’t say more than this.


This short story was written during the Young Authors Competition on April 13, 2019 held at UEC Batangas City.

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