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Story By A Contestant (#12): A Trip to the Philippines



Once, there lived two distant cousins in America with their families. One family, lived in Chicago, while the other one lives in Washington D.C.. Both of them are very similar. The both like reading books and writing stories. Their family members call them bookworms. One day the two distant cousins met with their families in a family reunion. The two families agreed that in mid-April they will be going to the Philippines. They were so excited because of the tropical weather there. But the two distant cousins were excited because of the books there and many aspiring writers came from the Philippine. Soon, they are already at the airport. Both cousin said, “Did you know that the Philippines has the best climate in the world. One part sunny and one party rainy” And then the other cousin also said, “Did you also know that the Philippines was named after King Philip II of Spain.” Yes! Said the other cousin and that made their family members even more excited about going in the Philippines. It was an 8-hour flight. When they finally arrived, they were stunned with the beauty of the Philippines. Their families told them they would stay there for a month. They rode an airplane going to Aklan so that they could go to Boracay beach. When they finally arrived, they checked in to a hotel. Then they went to the beach. The first they did was put on sunscreen lotion, then the two cousins made san castles. They also got the permission from their family members to go swimming, scuba diving and parasailing. They played volleyball too. Soon at sunset they saw the sun going down slowly. After that they dressed themselves and went to a restaurant to eat. They ordered fried tilapia and some bananas. When it arrived, all of them said, “This tastes so good.” After that when it was somewhere around 8:00, they danced around a bonfire. Soon, they went back to their hotel and slept. When they woke up, they were surprised to see that they already have breakfast. When they asked it to the hotel manager, the manager said “sire that is free food, you may eat it”. And then they ate it. They went back to the beach again. When the two cousins ask their family members why they are here in the Philippines. The family members said,”Because it’s vacation” while laughing immensely. Soon they decided they should go to other places too. They went to the Ifugao province to see the Banaue Rice Terraces. They took many selfies and pictures in their. They also visited the Mayon Volcano in Albay and the old church brokened by an explosion cause by Mayon Volcano. They also visited Tagaytay because they wanted to see the Taal Volcano. They were so fascinated about it. They also went to Baguio and checked in again in an another hotel. They like the cold climate in there. They ate and bought many strawberries. They also bought Baguio souvenirs from souvenir shops. Soon they rode a plane to Davao, learning that it is where the president was born. Then they traveled in plane back Luzon and visited many places like Pagsanjan falls. Soon they were back in Boracay again and decided to go scuba diving there. They saw dolphins, whales, coral reefs, fishes, lobsters, turtles, crabs, seahorses and more! They also went to many museums like the Mind Museum and UP los banos national museum. They went Laguna to see the Rizal Park. They also went to the house of Rizal in Laguna too. One cousin said while visiting the house of Dr. Jose Rizal. “Did you know that the pen is stronger than a sword.” “Yes Dr. Jose Rizal showed that.” Said the other cousin. Soon they rode a plane to the Batanes islands. They visited some locals in their they showed them their religion, beliefs, and more. They travelled beck in plane to Manila and went to Batangas. They hired a fisherman with a motorized banca to take them to Pampanga. They were welcomed by locals and given food and water from coconuts. They were given a free house rent on an apartment. Later that night, they were given food in a banana leaf including their favorite food fried tilapia along fried rice and egg rice. Then the next day they taught them how to make fried tilapia, fried rice, egg rice and others. The two cousins played with the local children and learned new games like capture the flag. Later that night they danced around a bonfire again teaching them local dances. The elders of the village made them abaka fans or in tagalog “Pamaypay” and abaka mats. The Locals also taught them how to do mat weaving for a spare time. They were very happy in the Philippines, they wish they lived here. They spent their last days preparing for their flight. The befriended the locals and told them they would return after a year. Soon the time to depart came. They hired another fisherman with a motorized banca to Batangas. Then they went to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. They arrived in America 8-hours later. They were so sad because they left the Philippines. They told their friends about the Philippines. They remember Ahxcel’s house in Batangas. They promise themselves they would come back.



This short story was written during the Young Authors Competition on April 13, 2019 held at UEC Batangas City.

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