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Story By A Contestant (#11): Our Perfect Summer Vacation


It has been a week since our summer vacation has started and I am very excited to pick up our cousins from the United States! It was tomorrow, I could barely sleep. But my mom said to sleep early because we have to wake up at 3:00 in the morning so that we can leave at 4:00 to pick them up. I don’t want my cousins to wait at the airport because I overslept. I closed my eyes and before I knew it, I woke up in a dream. We were swimming underwater. And to my surprise, we can breath underwater, swim freely and best of all, we can talk to the sea creatures. We played with the gentle blue water, the naughty sardines, and the kind great white shark. We had lots of fun!

“Venise! Wake up! It’s already 3:00!” my mom yelled. I stood up and asked her, “Mom what’s so important? Why do I have to wake up this early in the morning?” my mom answered, “We’re going to fetch your cousins at the airport of course. Aren’t you exited?” As soon as my mom finished I was filled with energy! I hurried down to the kitchen and ate breakfast that mom prepared toasted bread with butter and mango juice. It was delicious! Then I went upstairs to take a nice warm bath. When I was brushing my teeth, I heard my little sister Vyenna crying saying that she still wants to sleep, while my baby brother Vaughn wants to go outside. I wore a shirt written on it was, “ALOHA!” and, there was a picture of a girl relaxing, and I also wore ripped jeans and my red hoodie. I stepped out of the bathroom and put my mask on because I get carsick. It was exactly 4:00 and we were leaving town. I listened to music, Vyenna was sleeping and Vaughn was playing. It was peaceful. And then I fell asleep.

We arrived at the airport. My cousins were outside waiting. I greeted them calling their names, “Jyrus! Denise! David!” They were happy to see me as I was happy to see them. I ran and gave them a huge hug. “What do you want to do here?” I asked them. “We want to try snorkelling!” they answered at the same time. They said it was going to be their first time. It was going to be my first time too. We were very excited. They are staying with us for a month! We are going to have a lot of fun. And we plan on making the most of it.

It was the next day. My aunt said that all of us are going to an island to relax since it was summer vacation. And my uncle also said that we should spend more time with each other because their leaving next month and came back next summer vacation. My mom packed our bags. There were a lot of us, my aunt, uncle, cousins, parents, siblings and even my grandmother was joining! We rode a motored boat to get to the island. We enjoyed the view. I wrote on my journal once we got on the island. It was Mid-April 2019, the day my perfect summer vacation began.

My cousins called me saying that we should change to our swimming clothes because it was the time to go snorkelling! I quietly changed my clothes and waited at the seashore for my cousins. I saw a lot of pretty shells and started picking them up one by one. I put them in a small bag and placed it in my bed. I hurried back to the beach. My cousins gave me a snorkel and we dived!

The water was clear and we could see the fish very well. Some were as small as our pinky finger and some were as big as our heads. We have a race to see who was the fastest swimmer and Jyrus won! Jyrus loves sports and it was no wonder why he won the race. The sun was setting and we returned to the island. And a little brownies than usual. Well a lot browner! I was a little upset but the smell of my grandmother’s food took the thought away.

My grandmother made a lot of food. She made Filipino food and American food. Everyone gathered around the fire and ate the scrumptious food. Once we were done eating, we went to bed. But we weren’t asleep just yet. We had a pillow fight. My siblings joined the fun. My mom opened the door to ask us why we are making so much noise but found us already asleep.

The next day came and this time after we ate breakfast we went to the shore to pick shells. They were very colourful. Some were pink, blue, white, purple and some were rainbow colored! We made the shells into pretty bracelets and necklaces. Me, Vyenna and Denise enjoyed it very much. After lunch, we went swimming again! This time everyone (except our grandmother) joined. Vyenna sticked to our parents since she doesn’t know how swim yet. Vaughn, on the other hand, is still a baby. So, he is on a float to prevent him from sinking and our parents are watching him along with Vyenna. Meanwhile, I went with my cousins. We played a game where one of us is a shark that has to eat us all and the first one to be eaten is the next shark. It’s like tag but an aquatic version of it. Jyrus was the shark. We were swimming away but then Denise pushed me! And I was eaten. We played, swam, and had swimming races until the sun began to set. We ate our delicious dinner and slept. We stayed at the island for a week. It was the seventh day. We left the island. But the fun didn’t stopped there! We went on a road trip! Everyday we went on a different place. We went to the Chocolate Hills, Puerto Princesa Underground River and many more places! We have been on a road trip for two weeks already. The trip was fun, educational and memorable. We were very tired. And our parents agreed it was time to go home.

We went home. My cousins have one week left before they returned to the United States. We played board games and card games. Our favourite game was a card game called “Uno”. The first one to finish all their cards is going to be the winner. We played 10 games and I was the champion! We also watched movies! I hate horror movies. When we watched a horror movie, I could barely sleep! And my cousins teased me for 3 whole days!

A week has passed. I was time for them to leave. We were sad. But we will see each other again next year. The went on the plane and left. We went home. I wrote on my journal all the fun things we did. I can’t wait for them to come back next year! But for now, I have these memories to cherish forever.



This short story was written during the Young Authors Competition on April 13, 2019 held at UEC Batangas City.

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