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Story By A Contestant (#10): Our Summer Vacation


Once upon a time in United States where my cousins live will have a vacation here in the Philippines for one month. In the mid-April 2019 me and my family waited in the airport to fetch my cousins and it’s family. When the plane landed in the Philippines I was so excited to see them when i saw them walking out of the plane my first reaction was “What happened to your hair?” then my cousin said Who’s name is Brandon said “i got a haircut and colored it Brown’ and i said “Oh okay” then after that i hug my other cousin which is Brandon’s sister who’s named is Bella. While we are waiting for our plane me and Bella used our phones too not get bored while using our phone’s Bella’s mom who is my ninang and her name is Lydia which i call her ninang Lydia told us that we need to go to the plane now then Bella answered “oh okay”. While in the plane i was thinking of how beautiful is the island that we are going too after one hour later we reached our destination when we got down on the plane i was so excited to go to the island but before we ride the motorized banca they let us wear life vests so we don’t drown haha while ridding the banca we saw fishes, dolphins, and other water creatures when we reached the island I was so excited to play and swim but my mom said who’s name is Mikaela that “you can do the water activities tomorrow morning” then i answered “Why not today” then my mom answered “because your cousin’s and its family need’s to rest even me and your dad” then i said “oh okay” in the evening we ate dinner, sing around the fire place and eat roasted marshmallow when the day is done Bella gave me a friendship bracelet then i ask her “Why did you gave me a friendship bracelet” then she answered back “because you’re my only friend” then when she said that a tear from her eyes drop then i asked her “why dd your tears drop?” then she answered “because i love you” then when she said that my heart just keep on jumping and jumping then i answered he back “i love you too” then after a thoughtful night me, Bella, Brandon and our families go to sleep. In the morning me and Bella wear our twin swimsuit and then all of us eat at the same time then after eating i go went swimming with Bella then i saw some other people doing snorkeling and diving then i told it too my family and Bella’s family they said they also want to do all of that we did snorkeling and it was so much fun then after that we ate dessert and it was halo-halo it was so good then after that me and Bella played in the sand and made a sand castle the Brandon Broke it that’s why we chase him until to the water then later on we saw Brandon going close too us while were making another sandcastle then we shouted to him don’t go any closer the he said I will go more closer to give you a special gift then Bella said “Where can you even get money to buy a gift huh” then he answered “secret” then he take out the gift from his back and said “surprise!” well, it was a Unicorn floaty then me and Bella shouted “Thank you!” then after that we ate lunch together then me and Bella get all the blanket and some sticks to make a tent then we fit everyone except Bella’s dad because his too fat and by the way Bella’s dad’s name is Luther then Brandon get some more blankets so his dad will fit then in the evening we all ate dinner my favorite was the shrimp then Bella’s favorite is squid then after that we all sleep. In the morning we take a bath and dress up then pack our stuff then ride the banca then while we are in the airport i told everyone the i will that island then everyone said “ya me too” after that we ride the airplane then we arrived at Philippines we rode our car and go to our house then after many many days Bella and her family need to go back to United States i was happy too spend my summer with them. I told Bella that i will really really miss her then that’s the story of our vacation.



This short story was written during the Young Authors Competition on April 13, 2019 held at UEC Batangas City.

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  • good try …a writer can be developed in the future..

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