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Spooky Halloween | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

Once upon time there was a group of students are going to a haunted house. To do their retreat activity in the haunted house. Mr.Salvacion is the priest who joined in the retreat activity to guide the students. Roy is the guy who plan the retreat activity.The teachers said “Students, please surrender your phones right now.While the teachers are talking with Mr. Salvacion. The students are having their break.Mr. Salvacion said “Students you are not allowed to go to the bedroom of Sylvia Jerson. Alvin and Maya decided to see the bedroom of the former professor of SouthfieldInternational School.

Mrs. Jerson who passed away last 7 years ago. Many people was angry at her because she killed the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Voulton. Sofia will paused for a moment in the garden. The daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Voulton was a friend of Alvin,Maya,Sofia,and Jeremy. Jeremy is the guy who miss Rachelle.Because they are childhood best friends. He always go to the cemetery to visit her. Roy is the person who have a crush on Rachelle.Mr. Voulton who came in the haunted house.To visit Jeremy because he wanted to talk with Jeremy.While Jeremy is talking with Mr. Voulton he saw a ghost in his back.Mrs. Jerson have a picture in the stairs. He was very shocked to see a ghost in his back. They will stay in the haunted house for 7 days.Jeremy get angry at Roy.Because of the group activity in the school.Mr. Salvacion will go first to the bathroom.He is gonna take a bath.Kyle wanted to join the group. Alvin, Maya,Sofia and Jeremy wanted to include Kyle in their group.They wanted to go for a trip after the retreat activity.Kyle’s mother is a college friend of Maya’s mother. He decided to go with Maya.The teachers said to Kyle is ‘’ Kindly surrender your phone right now.

Kyle will surrender his phone. The students are fighting with something.Alvin got angry at Kyle because what he did to him. The teachers will force them to stop the fight of the students. Jeremy punch Roy because he is the right man for Rachelle.Mrs. Jerson’s soul disappear in the haunted house.Mr. And Mrs. Voulton are found dead in the haunted house. The couples were get shot by a stranger in the haunted house. The teachers are going to a funeral service right now. The Voulton family is complete now in heaven.The school will search the guy who killed Mr and Mrs. Voulton. Jeremy is sad because he is gonna miss the Voulton couple.The investigating is starting right now.Mr. Salvacion will leave the retreat house right now because he is going to Spain for a seminar.The students are gonna miss him.Because the students are talking with him in the garden.The police will search for Mr. Arevalo. Because the police will arrest him by murdering a couple.The students are running because they see a vampire in the comfort room.They are very scared of the vampire.Roy is get bite by a vampire.The students are saw Roy lying in the floor.They figure out Roy is not breathing anymore. The school will pay condelence of Roy. The parents of Roy are sad because there only son are dead right now.Jeremy see the Mrs. Jerson soul.Alvin is getting closer to Sofia right now.They miss their bonding with Rachelle.The students are leaving the haunted house right now.The students are home safe.

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