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Raise a 21st Century-Ready Child with The Unique English Classroom

According to a survey conducted in America, the top 5 careers parents want for their children are the following: (1) Engineer (2) Doctor (3) Scientist (4) Nurse (5) Architect. Is this top 5 list the same you wish for your child? What do these careers have in common? Interests in the Sciences, Math and Reading Comprehension are critical at the learning stages but we want our children to be successful, not just simply graduating from their chosen course. We wish them to become industry leaders in their chosen field.

To become a leader in these fields, what must your child possess? A leader, regardless of career choice, must have excellent communication skills. With effective spoken and written communication skills, he can present his findings, discoveries, innovations, creations and reports to his team members, to his boss for his promotion and even to the world!

Communication is a basic 21st Century Skill. In a few years when your child joins the workforce, his Communication Skills must have exceeded his peers to be able to lead. How can we help our child? Even if our children are very young, we are intentionally exposing them to activities and toys that could lead to the career we dream for them. If you have Lego, animal models, books about dinosaurs and pretend doctor’s kit in your child’s room, you are well on your way. This is 100% normal for every parent who wants the best for their child. It is also because we know that children have a sensitive period for learning language, confidence and creativity. This is the same reason why we start early in UEC, some can be young authors as early as 9 years old!

Each child has a sensitive period for development. These are windows of opportunity for teachers and parents when children are more inclined to learn specific concepts easily. The sensitive period for Language development is from birth to 6 years old. UEC Foundation Programs : Kids can Read and Alpha Learners cover this timeline and can assist the parent in reinforcing effective communication skills and reading comprehension. To provide complete learning and understanding especially of written communication, UEC has next level programs for 6 to 12 year olds called Alpha Authors and Aspiring Writers and Illustrators Scheme for the next generation young authors. To fully grasp the power of the English language, children are guided to love reading first and foremost, master reading comprehension, confidently communicate and finally express themselves through writing by being young authors

As loving parents, no matter what career our children chooses, we always pray for their success. So even if they do not choose the Top 5 on our list, what is important is that we support them and we guide them through the right path. It is also critical that parents provide the right tools and enrichment programs for children to master the basic 21st century skills to finally get the career they would be proud of ultimately.

The Unique English Classroom is an English program shaping creativity in writing and communication. It doesn’t re teach what is being taught in the classroom. UEC makes English more fun to learn that’s why children have an easy time absorbing the concepts and the English Language. Through “Learning by Doing”, English is taught in a hands on method which also highlights the child’s strength.

UEC has 12 centers across the Philippines and the UEC family continues to grow! Find one nearest you through our website. Additional information for every program can also be found in the website. You can also drop us a message in the UEC Facebook Page

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