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Our Fear | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

Niki always loves comforting people. She normally asks why their sad or angry or confused. Most of them just don’t want to tell until Niki’s friend Jamie told her something. It was a secret. A secret No one knew yet. It was that she broke her moms necklace. Niki asked her, why don’t you want to tell? Jaime had a blank face for a while when they were heading home. Jamie was near her house so Niki said bye.

While walking towards home. In Jaime’s house she saw her mother looking at her with a sad and angry face. She blamed her young brother, Phile that he did it. Jamie told a fake story of what happened. Her mother, Theresa grounded the poor innocent young boy, which made Jamie guilty. The next day she went to school, then saw Niki. She knew that she heard everything so she avoided her. Then Niki went close to Jamie, knowing everything that happened. She said, so you have a fear? Jamie said NO! I DON’T HAVE A FEAR!! Niki giggled then said yes you do. Then Jamie said WHAT IS IT THEN!!! Then Niki told her, your scared of being scolded aren’t you? Then Jamie turned to angry to sad. Niki said, don’t worry all you have to do to fix that situation is to say sorry to your brother and be honest to your mother, she said at lunch time. It was time to head home so they did.

Niki practiced her to be honest and accept the punishment she said and also don’t get mad at the punishment she gave you, OK? Jamie said Ok while opening her front door and went to Phil and said sorry, while going to her mother and telling the truth. Her moms face smiled and told her, well, you finally told me. I knew it. I won’t ground you because you told the truth, ok? Jamie said sure. It also happened when Jack had a crush on Alexa. He was scared that she might reject him. Niki told him, Alexa? Very nice option, you see its ok to be rejected. You know, I wanted to be friends with Minnie. Because that it happened. Jack was now very confident to confess that she also had a crush on Jack. Jack was happy and thanked Niki for it. Another case happened when Tiffany was scared by walking with her. She finally wasn’t scared to cross. She said, I could keep on walking all day thanks to you! She said in a smile. You see everyone has their own fear. Just like Jamie being scared to confess that she broke her moms necklace or Jack being scared to confess his feelings, and even Tiffany who was scared to walk the bridge. See now that everybody has their own fear and faced it? All you have to do is tell someone and figure a way to face it.


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