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Once in a Daydream | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Creative Writing Competition Branch Level 2020


“Khloe? Khloe?!” a voiced ringed. “Hey, Khloe!” once again, the screeching voice ringed. Soon, Khloe felt as if the world was shaking – or is it?

“Huh? What?” Khloe mused. She realized shortly after that her friend, Rae, was trying to interact with her while she was day dreaming again. Rae was a short girl with long, brown hair that flows smoothly down her back like water. Tan-skinned and her face was glowing like the translucent lights from the chandelier hanging from the wooden ceiling.

“Um, hello? Earth to Khloe, Khloe to Earth?” said Rae, obviously feeling very annoyed because of Khloe day dreaming again. “Yeah, sorry. I was just thinking about how it would be like in the future,” said Khloe apologetically. “Tsk! Right, I’ll go now. See you later!” said Rae and left Khloe’s house. Every time she day dreams, she stares blankly at nothing.

And there she was, staring into space again doing literally nothing, but to breathe calmly. Until soon, her eyes felt heavy and seconds later, everything went dark.

Woosh! Woosh!

Khloe suddenly woke up to a completely white room. “Am I dead?’ thought Khloe. She stood up and looked around to examine the room. “Am I in the hospital?” thought Khloe for the second time. Until, she heard a loud, booming voice. “Khloe, breakfast is ready!” it sounded like her mom.

She sprinted down the rickety wooden stairs and to the messy kitchen. She saw a tall woman wearing a light brown flannel standing just in front of the sink, looking like she had just finished doing the dishes. It was indeed her mom. “Hey, I made you some bacon and eggs. Have fun at school,” said Khloe’s mom and left along with her dad. Khloe guessed that they were going to work.

It was unusual that her mom made her breakfast because she did not know how to cook. “Okay, well, thanks mom!” exclaimed Khloe and sat down on the sofa-like chair and picked up the fork on her left hand.

Not long after, she had finished all her food and was now terribly full. She sprinted back upstairs, but stopped halfway as she remembered she had just finished eating and her stomach was full. After some time of resting and playing with her phone, she took her long, blue towel and swung it on her right shoulder and went inside her air-freshened bathroom to take a bath and go to school.

A little while later, she had found herself staring at cars just in front of their house, looking amused.

“What’s so surprising?” asked a sudden voice. “Ah!” shouted Khloe, “Rae, you scared me to death! Oh, my goodness!” “Well, what’s so surprising?” asked Rae for the second time. “T-those cars a-are f-floating!” stuttered Khloe. Rae laughed. “What are you, in year 2000?” teased Rae with a chuckle. “No, year 2020! Are you even okay?” Khloe asked back, still wondering why and how the cars managed to float around.

“Year 2020? Ha-ha! That was – like, thirty years ago,” said Rae and laughed. “S-so you m-mean i-it’s not y-year 2020?” asked Khloe, now feeling nervous. She had just remembered that she had day dreamed about what the future would be like and this happens. “Hey now, we don’t want to be late for school, don’t we? Don’t mess around,” said Rae and nudged Khloe’s shoulder.

Later on, she saw herself at the last row of the class listening to Sir Lee’s boring speeches about life lessons. Her seatmate, the Class President Ian, took out his phone and white earphones and listened to music instead of listening to Sir Lee. Khloe tapped Ian’s shoulder lightly. “You can use phones?” asked Khloe. Ian took off the earphone on his right ear to hear Khloe better. “I’m sorry, what were you saying?” Ian asked back. “You can use phones in class?” asked Khloe for the second time. “You’re asking me? Aren’t you the one who always checks her phone every subject?” said Ian with a chuckle. “Wha – I do?” asked Khloe looking very confused. Ian only nodded a “yes” in response and plugged his earphones in.She hesitated at first, but soon found herself using her phone and listened to pop music.

Hours stretched and Khloe felt more bored. But her boredom was saved by a ring of the school bell indicating that school was over. Every student in class started standing up and organizing their things and stretching. “Finally, school’s over,” said Rae while stretching her arms up. “Who knew it would be this boring?” complained Khloe and put the last notebook in her black bag. “Yeah, come on! Let’s go home,” said Rae and pulled Khloe by the wrist.

As soon as she got home, she found herself again staring at the “floating” cars. “Okay, really, what year is it?” asked Khloe. “Um, year 2050?” replied Rae unsurely. “What. The. Actual. Heck.” Had she really time travelled? Or was she just day dreaming again? Thousands and millions of thoughts came flooding in Khloe’s head. “O-okay, I’ll g-go i-inside now,” stuttered Khloe. She waved to Rae as Rae waved back and was about to turn the door knob when she realized that THEY HAD NO DOOR KNOB! It was a secured door that had a pin in order for you to be able to go inside. She tried multiple passwords; her birthday, her mom’s birthday, her dad’s birthday, and still none of them worked!

She quickly dialed her mom’s number on her cold phone. “Hey, mom, what’s the password to the door?” asked Khloe quickly. It was cold outside and she wanted to be warm. “What? It’s your dad and I’s wedding anniversary, silly,” replied Khloe’s mom on the other line. “U-uh, yeah. Thanks!” said Khloe very quickly and typed the date of her parents’ wedding anniversary. The security lock made a toot! sound that signaled that the door was open. She took a step inside the marble tiled floor of their home and closed to door to feel the warmth of the house. A little while later, her eyes felt heavy and soon, every thing went black.

She woke up, feeling dizzy. She looked around and mused. It was not the white room she woke up to earlier, it was her old, purple room that had glow in the dark stickers in star shapes around the ceiling. She immediately stood up and ran to her window and looked around outside. It had no fancy floating cars and it looked completely normal. She still wondered if it was just a dream or did she day dream or if she just imagined it. Thoughts came flooding in her mind for the second time. Until, she heard the loud, booming voice of her mom. “Khloe, we’ll go to work now,” shouted Khloe’s mom. She heard the door from downstairs close indicating that they had left already.

She slowly went down the stairs and to the kitchen, but to her luck, she had not seen any breakfast or any kind of food on the table. “I guess I’ll have to make my own food,” said Khloe sadly. And so she did. She fried bacon and eggs, just like what had happened in her dream. It wasn’t the best, but it tasted good anyway. As usual, Khloe got ready for school; took a nice and warm bath, got dressed in her school uniform, fixed her school bag, and made her hair. She decided she’d do a hair bun to get her hair out of the way.

As she walked to school, she met Rae on the way. “Hey, Rae!” called Khloe. Rae did not notice at first, but soon realized the someone had called her. “Oh, hey!” greeted Rae and stopped midway to chat with Khloe. On their way to school, all Khloe and Rae did was laugh; some laughing at jokes, some laughing at unnecessary things, and some laughing at unfunny things. They just have a weird humor that they think is unique. On their way to the classroom, they walked slowly, Khloe chugging a bottle of apple juice on her left hand. “Oh, right!” she exclaimed. “Right what?” asked Rae confusingly. She had not known a single clue about what she was talking about.

“Do you remember about yesterday?” asked Khloe, “When you were trying to interact with me while I was day dreaming?” “Um, yes?” replied Rae still looking very confused. “I was actually day dreaming about what the future would look like,” said Khloe sounding very proud. While Khloe continued what she was about to tell or “story tell” her, Rae listened carefully. “And did you know what happened?” “What?” Their voices trailed off as they continued to chit-chat about things thought were interesting, funny, and even serious things that they like. Of course, Khloe could not stop talking about what her day dream was and what had happened in the miraculous dreams of hers. From floating cars, advanced security locks, and even being allowed to use phones in class! It was truly a wonderful dream. – Keona Ricci L. Tagumasi

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