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My Fear of Darkness | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

One day when I was watching cartoons in our living room with my brothers turned off the lights and I was so afraid. I said to my mommy, Help! Help! My mommy said just stay calm and just only stay in one place but I didn’t follow mommy’s instruction. My toys are all on the floor so I just bumped my head on the floor because my toys are all on the floor. I said Ouch! Ouch! My head is in pain. So my mommy took me to the hospital. Then after a few days, my head is now okay and I am feeling better now then my family took me home. Then I said to mom that I promise her that I will follow directions so I will not be hurt again.

One day when I was eating dinner at the dining room with my family, the lights turned off again. Then my Mommy Thelma and Daddy Acel said to me and to my brother Xander and Gabrile to stay calm and to stay in one place then I follow directions of mommy and daddy and said to my brothers to follow directions because they are the elder and they know what to do. I know myself that I can follow directions so I would not be hurt anymore. So when the time goes brownout I will be ready and follow the directions that my parent say to me so my brothers will follow the directions of my parents too in time of darkness. I hope when I have a son and a daughter they will follow my directions so they will be safe in time of darkness and if my brothers have son and daughter I am sure that they will say to them the directions that our parents say to us.

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