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My Fear and How I Faced Them | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

Hi! I am going to tell you a story about my fear. So I kind a have a lot of fear . So one of my fear can be also my inspiration so my fear is my Family. Its when I start losing them. I felt when I lose them I will be left alone. I already lose one before my Grandfather . One last night his just gone he was sick it felt so lonely, everybody is lonely but I know, That my family is here with me That is why its also my inspiration. I think its kind a weird having you’re fear and you’re inspiration same but that’s it. I have another fear its what you called Betrayal . Once I kind a have a “ Fake Friend” I won’t name her but it felt like she have an anger to me sometimes we are friends and sometimes not. She is mostly mad at me I don’t know why. Betrayal felt like it is like someone lying to you or someone who is fooling you around , I also don’t get it why do people betray you is there a problem with me or the person who is betraying me but I am happy having real friends now and, happy not feeling alone.

So I am gonna some everything up my biggest fear is being alone, I just don’t like being alone but I know That someone will help me when I am in need no matter what time. So I think I have told you all about my fear , so now I will tell you how i face my fears. One day back at our house we were having dinner with my family , We are at the dining table , So my father brought up a conversation he said something like what are your fears daughters that is what he said Its kind a weird cause he never asked questions like that before but he did. That night I am in the bed I remember what my daddy said I know my fears but I don’t know how to face my fears, so I went out of bed and I saw my mom with her laptop on her lap so I told my mom about all of my fear and asked my mom “Mommy how do I faced my fear? ” My mom told me just believe in yourself and that God will help me in all times no matter what time or day when you are in trouble even you are alone or feeling alone God Will help you always but you should pray to God and say sorry for all the sins You have done. I thanked my mom for giving me time and I go back to bed, I felt peaceful and I also slept well that night. I am still scared of being alone but what my mommy told me it helped a lot in all times too. I trust myself and I trust that God will also be with me when I am in trouble or not. Those days I also tell the others about how I faced my fear I hope that I helped no matter what but I know I did my best no matter what. I am happy how I am still trying to face my fear all the time , I will be honest its kind a hard how to face my fear as I said I did my all best even though its hard no matter what. So I want to tell you that its really hard to forget about your fear but we try to make it fade it away but that is how it works I don’t really know why ? I felt happy sharing about my fear in life and how I try to face them. So that is everything with my fear and how I try to faced them.

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