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Making Friends | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

There was a girl named Amy. She was a very shy girl. Every time someone tried to make friends with her, she would run and hide from them. One day, her parents noticed that she wasn’t playing or interacting with the other kids, so they decided that they should speak with her after school, but things didn’t work the way they planned. When Amy got home from school, she ran to her bedroom and slammed the door shut.’Oh dear.’ Her mom said then quickly rushed to Amy’s bedroom.When she opened the door, Amy was crying. ‘Honey whats wrong?’ Her mom said sitting beside her. Amy just stared at the floor. Finally, she said ‘Nothing’s wrong. What are you talking about?’

‘ Don’t lie to me, whats wrong? You can tell me.’

‘Whats going on here?’

Amy’s dad had just arrived from work.When he saw Amy, he sat down beside her and asked the same question.’Whats wrong? Why are you crying?’ Amy stared at the floor again. She appreciate the company of her parents. ‘I guess it would be ok if I tell them.’ She thought. Amy told them the story about a mean group of boys who teased her because she had no friends. She told them the mean things they told her. Amy thought that her parents might get mad at her, but they didn’t. They comforted Amy and told her that everything is going to be ok. The next day, Amy’s parents told the principal about the group of boys that teased Amy.The group of boys got suspended for a week. They said sorry to Amy who (being nice) forgive them. During lunch, Amy decided to face her fear, making friends. She went up to a girl who was sitting by herself .’Hi! Can I join you?’ Amy asked politely.’S-s-sure!’ The girl stuttered nervously.’

‘ My name is Amy by the way. Whats yours?’ ‘L-l-lyca.’
‘ Thats a nice name.’

Amy realized that Lyca was shy too. Amy told Lyca that she was shy too. She told Lyca her story then soon after that, they became friends. Amy thought to her self ‘ Hey, why didn’t I try to make friends before?’

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