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Looking inside my Fear | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

There is a boy named Bryson who was shy and quiet. He never talked to anyone from his class and outside the school because he is afraid of judgement and getting looked at by other people. So, he never talked to anyone and was a quiet boy. He has many different talents like editing pictures and videos, dance, sing, and draw. He never showed all of this since he has no friends to show it and was traumatized back when he was a kid performing on stage. He made a mistake and saw a hundred people’s disappointment. Everyone thought that he was a weak boy and an introvert. He also sleeps in class so people think he’s lazy. But one day, it was lunch time and he noticed a girl from the other section who is smart, pretty, athletic, friendly, and talented. Bryson wanted to express his feelings to her but he has no hope in being her boyfriend because he is quiet and she liked somebody else. Bryson don’t know what to do until Jack from his class wanted to be friends with him. Jack is an athletic and a gamer guy. Girls from the whole campus had a crush on him but he never minds it because he only liked one girl. Jack like a girl named Angelica. In fact, Jack and Angelica are together. One day, Jack noticed that Bryson is looking at the window staring at Alyssa. Jack told Bryson that he should totally ask Alyssa out but Bryson refused. He said that Alyssa wouldn’t like a guy like him and would just be rather keeping his distance from her. But Jack really shipped them so he spread out that Bryson liked Alyssa. Bryson was embarrassed and made it even harder because he has anxiety and afraid of eye contact. Jack told him that it only takes courage to ask a girl out with all your heart and dedication. Jack is sure that this would work because Alyssa is looking for a boyfriend. So, Bryson was lightened up and had the courage to tell Alyssa what he really felt. But he was still afraid of eye contact that’s why he told it through chat. But Alyssa told him that she liked somebody else and was sorry if she broke his heart. But Bryson was still determined that she would like him back. After all, Alyssa haven’t known him long enough. So, he became friends with her hoping that she would see his effort. And it happened that Alyssa’s birthday is near and Bryson thought that giving Alyssa a present is a good idea. So, Bryson and Jack went to the mall and bought a polar bear stuffed toy. Bryson thought that he didn’t put much effort in his gift so he asked Jack for help. So, Jack asked a friend to help who is named Daniel. Daniel help with designing the packaging. Alyssa liked the gift and started to have feelings for Bryson. Daniel thought it’s a good idea for him to take photos of Alyssa through Bryson’s camera. So, Bryson agreed. But the reason of him taking the photo is for himself because he also liked Alyssa. He had been calling her babe behind Bryson’s back. And when Jack knew, he immediately told Bryson and it tore him apart. He made

Alyssa choose between him or Daniel. Alyssa don’t know. So, the only ay to make her choose Bryson is for him to act like her boyfriend and care about her a lot. While Daniel, he did nothing and thought everything is okay. So, Alyssa chose Bryson over Daniel. Bryson was very proud of himself and helped him overcome his fear of talking to other people and his anxiety.

The moral of the story is:
If you want to get something, work hard for it and never give up

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