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This is the best program if you are interested to spark your child’s interest in reading, develop language and vocabulary.

An Introduction Foundation Course that includes parental involvement with elements of reading, writing, movement, drama & public speaking.

The aim is to develop English Language and Comprehension with the introduction of simple phonics. Parents will be coached during lessons on how to effectively read to their children to spark an early interest in books.

Each session is 1.5 hours in duration and contains elements of reading, writing, movement, drama & public speaking.

A new book is introduced after every four session block and its themes are thoroughly explored using the different mediums over the four sessions.

Core Focus:

Introduction to Reading

What my child gets from Kids Can Read!

  • Learn that reading is fun
  • Promote the connection between reading and writing
  • Promote reading as a way to develop
    • Imagination
    • Creativity
    • Language
    • Vocabulary

For children 4 and below, we suggest that you join in the program to pick up skills on how to read to your child effectively!

A Sample of the book explored in class

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