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Is it the Future | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Creative Writing Competition Branch Level 2020


One day there was a girl named Chloe she loved baking and art. So one night she was so tired from school she just slept right away and then when she woke up she checked her for what day is it today and when she looked it was already 2050, she was shocked she could not believe it and she looked outside and everything is different the streets, the cars and the houses even her bedroom and her house looked different so she just went with it she changed and then ate breakfast and went to school she said to herself “Even the school is different” she went inside but everything looked the same the teachers, the students, the schedule and even the principal. Class started everything was still the same except one thing the assignments she will have to type assignments and print it out, she said to herself “Life here in the future isn’t that bad” she said.

As it goes on Chloe had great time in school. After 3 months Chloe got used to it living in the future, but she kinda wanted to go back to the past and she an idea, what if she will come home from school tired and she will sleep right away she will wake and the year is 2020.

Then one night when she came home from school so tired and she slept right away and when she woke up she checked phone immediately and it worked she was back in 2020, she never told what happened even her parents she just told them “Mom, Dad I just had the craziest dream” she said and went to school and everything was the same and she said “What a year”

Chloe was happy that she was back and never ever coming home so tired again. Her mom and dad did not know why Chloe was a bit acting strange, but they did not mind so they just let her be.

-Aanika Joelle S. Acluan

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