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Hidden School| Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

One morning there are five level 10 students who went in the woods to look for the school where they will study. They are Kath, Stephanie, Luke, Matthew and Naja. All of them are scholars. While they are walking, Naja asked her friends, she said “Guys, is the school in the map real?” then her friends answered “Yes, of course.”

Then they continue walking in the woods. While they are walking, they saw a hunter trying to catch a birds, then they asked him, they said “Excuse, did you know where the Hidden School is?” then the hunter replied “Oh hi! My name is Dexter, and yes I know where it is. Then Kath said “May you come with us to go there?” then Dexter replied “Yes, sure” then they were walking altogether. When they are all in the front of the Hidden School, the five level 10 students got nervous because the gate was filled with blood. Then Dexter said “Don’t be afraid, it was just a blood”. Then he spoke again “come on, let’s go and enter, and enjoy your journey”. Then the five students go with Dexter.

When they entered the Hidden School, the five students saw many students fighting and they saw a boy who holds a knife then killed the another boy, which is surely his enemy. Then Kath, Stephanie, Luke, Matthew and Naja got scared so they asked Dexter “Hey Dexter! What was that!, Why they are killing each other?!” then Dexter replied welcome to the Hidden School, where killing is allowed HAHAHA!” then the five students ran away to get out of the school, but when they reached the gate, it is locked. So Dexter was at their back and laugh “HAHAHA! Did you think that you can go out? No! because once you enter there is no turning back” then Matthew grab him and said “let us go” he talked with anger. Then Dexter said “no, no, no… HAHAHA! Then the students of the school hold them and they went to the office. In the office, Dexter gave the uniform to the five students and said “Be careful at night in 7:00 pm because killing is allowed. But don’t worry you still have class every morning.” Then Stephanie said “Whatever…” then Dexter bring them in their dorm and left. The five students are shocked on what they had saw earlier. Naja said “we need to go out of this school!” then Luke said “We can’t, let us make a plan where none of the students know.” Then all of them agreed. While thinking of their plan, they heard someone screaming. Luke went out of their dorm but Naja stopped him and said “5 minutes to go then 7:00 pm, you need to stay or you will be killed?” then Luke went back, “It is 7:00 pm, it was so quiet in this school.” Kath said. “yes you are right” Stephanie replied. Then Matthew said “come on, let us sleep. We still have a class tomorrow.” Then Naja said “Good night guys!” then all of them went to their beds and sleep.

On the second day, they woke up and fix themselves. Luke holds five knife and Naja said “Luke, don’t let yourself kill anyone. Please” then Luke replied “I would not those innocent ones, I will use it if needed.” Then, Luke gave the knives to his friends. The class will start in 9:00 am in the morning. Then they went to their class. “Good morning class!” the teacher said. “Good morning teacher Faith” the students greet. “Oh and by the way, we have our new students in the Hidden School. Please introduce yourselves.” Then Kath goes first. “Hi! My name is Kath M. Hernandez, Stephanie goes next “Hi! My name is Stephanie R. Marasigan, “My name is Matthew H. Rosales” Matthew said. “My name is Luke L. Dinglasan” Luke said. “and my name is Naja D. Ferry” Naja said. Okay students you may seat” said Teacher Faith. “To the new students, Welcome! My name is Faith R. Suarez, your adviser” Teacher Faith included. While having their class, there is someone who screamed. Then the students of Level 10 went out to look on what happened. There, they saw a boy sitting on a chair with his blood. So Kath, Stephanie, Luke, Matthew and Naja ran away because it is part of their plan. They planned that if someone of the students died, they will ran up to the gate and escape but there are five guards. Naja said “We did it! Lets go! Our fears are gone whew….” Then the students inside the school escaped. Then Dexter shouted “Noooo!!!” and the boy in the chair get up and laughed “HAHAHA! You thought it was true? No! HAHAHA! Bye!!” then the boy filled with blood escaped. Then Kath, Stephanie, Luke, Matthew and Naja with the other students ran until they went into the park. And it was an achievement that they escaped and their fears are gone.

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