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The Unique English Classroom (U.E.C) is one of the highly sought after programs in Singapore. The Unique English Classroom program will enrich your child’s English proficiency and writing skills by honing their confidence and creativity to be the best communicators as they can be!

An English Program shaping Creativity in
Writing and Communication.

What do our
Franchisees Say?

What can UEC offer you?


World-Class Programs

  • It is not the traditional sit down English class. UEC’s classes are interactive activities that will develop student’s comprehension, confidence in writing & speaking the English language, application of the vocabulary .
  • We don’t use generic textbooks or worksheets, we have our own proprietary curriculum.


Grand Opening Support

We provide you with significant support and guidance in helping you open your business.

  • Initial parent orientation during the grand opening day can be conducted by our Franchise Team.
  • Online advertising a month before the grand opening


Online Management System

A comprehensive system that will help you to run your business

  • A time-tested Operations Manual proven to work.
  • Shared memo, forms, marketing materials and initiatives
  • Parent mobile app
  • Enrolled system


Constant Support

We are here for you each step of the way in your journey to become a successful UEC franchisee by offering continuous support including direct access to management through phone calls and email.

We use the latest technology to provide our franchisees with continuous training and support.


Proven Business Model

All aspects of the business are proven and documented, allowing fast ramp-up and scalability of the business.


Pre-Opening Training

Comprehensive pre-opening training program for teachers and franchisees. This training covers all aspects of the business – curriculum, system, marketing, assessment of the teachers and students and even social media creation and guidance; and other more.

Invest in education. Change lives. Join us in leading the way
to build every Young Authors Dream!

We’re currently seeking committed entrepreneurs to join the Philippine network and the growing global franchise network.

  • Passionate about educating children and guiding them to be the best they can be
  • Has leadership skills to lead and set goals for the enrichment center
  • Has great personality who can effectively communicate with parents and children with regards to inquiry’s and needs
  • Has the same vision and values to market successfully the brand and the program itself


Do I need experience in child education?

Not necessarily. While it can be an advantage, we’ve found that our franchisees bring a variety of skills and experiences to their new career.

Before joining UEC, we will discuss whether this franchise opportunity is a good fit for you and for us. Once you’ve decided to join, you’ll have

a dedicated franchise account manager who will guide you through the startup process.

What’s the minimum space requirement for the UEC center?

Floor area must be minimum of 50sqm

How to franchise UEC?

Please fill up the franchise inquiry form or you can call the franchise manager to set an appointment.

Franchise Inquiry Form

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