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Facing Your Fears | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

It’s hard to face my fears because my only fear is losing my family. If you do not know, my family is extraordinary and its hard to face my fear. I’m the older so I grow up fast and know I’m level 1 and I’m so close to losing my little brother because he does not like listening to our parents andI’m scared of that. But I did not hesitate to tell it to him.

This fear happened when I was 6-8 years old so now I’m scared of spiders. They always say hey its okay its just a big spider and my classmate said that so its sometimes hard. The one time I tried touching a dead spider do you know what happened failed I said I cant its too scary and all of the boys in my class laughed at me while the girls didn’t care the just told mark to throw the spider away and almost every once a week it happened so I thought about it and I’m not scared of spiders anymore.

The next day it was Friday, it finally the day said because it was my birthday I will finally have my own phone and one of my fear happened it was my recitation day in Filipino and its on my birthday so I studied and studied until realized I’m super late for school it was 12:36 but class started 3 hours ago so I said oh well..I’m absent today and my mommy told me why are you not in school young lady. So I was saying in my head I’m so dead need to tell her something and my mommy said its okay I need you to take care of the baby anyway and so I took care of the baby and he just pooped and guess what its none of my fears and my mom told me to change his diapers so I change it. It wasn’t that bad it was just stinky so I faced my fear.

My next fear is fear of the dark and I am sooo afraid of that and until now its still my fear and that’s the fear that I am scared of the dark because this one time my daddy turned off all the light in the night because he does not like even one light turned on at night my daddy is like very strict sometimes like he is a loving father and not all fathers are nice, kind, loving and he does everything for me and my second brother and third brother and of course my mother too. And my mother is the nicest, most kind mother in the whole world I love everyone so including the whole world and I am waiting for someone to love the world like me and this is all my fears and this is also how I faced it goodbye.

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