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Facing Your Fears | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

“It’s beautiful isn’t, Leah?” Her mom asked.

She looked at the house in front of her. She studied the two storey light grey house. It was humongous, probably four times bigger than her house in New York, it gives her shivers down her spine.

“Mom, I think we should head back to New york,” Leah said.

“Uh-uh!” Lanz jumped out of the car, joyfully bringing cages filled with hamsters, birds and rats. “Just think of my new furry friends I can get in there,”. Leah scrunched up her nose in discust. Her brother maybe a little obsessed in animals.

“What did I tell you Lanz?” Their Dad getting of the car and bringing out heavy boxes. “You can bring your pets but your mice,”. Lanz shrugged and followed their mother to the house. Haunted house Leah thought.

“Scared aren’t you?” Lanz teased. “Maybe you are,” shot back Leah. They stopped at the old front door. Their Mother took the clinking keys, shoved it to the key hole and it creaked open. They looked inside. The creamed coloured wallpaper peeling off the wall, the spiders hanging around its web and the creaking of the walls, all together scares Leah.

“Just a little bit of cleaning and it will be as good as new,” Their mother walked into the house and the floor creaked as she walked. Leah and Lanz did the same.

Leah looked around. She went through a narrow hallway and leads to a big room ,which Leah thinks is a ballroom. Her eyes followed to the tall tables and grand chairs which are now covered with dust. She looked up and saw the chandelier with its gems shining with the light. It obviously looks pretty decades ago but now its spooky, thanks to the webs. She turned and studied grand staircase which enhances the whole place. The red carpet perfectly fits the wooden floor. Wait Leah stood frozen. She felt like she was being watched. Leah looked behind the staircase where shadows danced. She squinted and there was no mistake a small dark figure looking back at her. And it laughed. It echoes through her hears, what they said is true when you see a ghost or monster, you stand there…frozen.

“Did I got you?” That familiar voice snaps Leah back to reality. She frowned. “Get out of there, Lanz!”. The jolly boy laughed and hopped to Leah. “Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s eat dinner now, I’m hungry,”

Leah followed Lanz through the corridors. And in less than a minute, Leah found herself in a giant kitchen of any chef’s dreams. Her father happily cooking tomato soup sang. The scent made Leah terribly hungry and she quickly took bowls and set it out on the table. She sat on the long table which is maybe about 5 meters. After sometime her father placed his famous tomato soup dish on the table.


There are 3 rooms in the house. One goes to her parents, the biggest one and the other 2 small rooms, which are downstairs, are for her and her brother. Her room was just like a Disney princess’ bedroom that was 5 decades old. Leah didn’t mind, she was tired. She changed into her pajamas and dropped on her bed. She felt her eyes closing but then she felt wide awake. Her clock flashed in green light 7:30 and her closet creaked open. She saw two black beady eyes staring at her. Without warning, it lunged at her digging those black nails at her chest.

And she bolt up, awake. She’s glad it’s just a dream she looked at her clock and it flashed in green light 7:29. She was scared. She was breathing fast. She tried to relax but it just made her feel more scared. Leah looked again at her clocked and it is 7:30. Blood is pumping to her ears and… her closet creaked open… and saw those beady black eyes again.

“MOM!” She jumped off her bed, she ran upstairs, taking steps at a time. Leah banged the door open of her parents room. Her parents both bolt up awake and looked at her like she fainted. ”What happened?” They both asked, they came up to her, looking worried.

Lanz came to room, holding a white rat. “ I have a dream of a something or someone looking at me from my closet, and it happen in real life too,” Leah said, catching her breath. “Relax,” said Lanz, looking guilty. “It’s my rat,” He held it up to show it. Leah looked at it with a blank face, then she smiled and then laughed. They all laughed. It was a memorable mistake to Leah and she is

not scared anymore. She now lives in the house for some years and her whole family left and went back to New york.

A new family stopped their car in front of the house. “Mom, this house looked haunted,” said the girl with pigtails. Leah was walking by near her old house that time ans she smiled. She knows what will happen next…

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