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Facing Your Fears | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

One day a girl was walking towards her house when suddenly she freaked out because there were dogs beside her. She ran towards her house then she closed the door. Later that night while she was eating, she saw a rat coming towards her she quickly jumped into the table then let the rat go away. She was tired so she was resting in the bed then she fall asleep. She was dreaming about scary ghosts and then she woke up. She was going to the mall when suddenly the dogs were back to chase her. So she quietly go to the mall. She said “I wanna buy the purse that she found. Then she bought it with her cash. Then she go home then she found out that her purse that she bought was gone so she quickly ran back to the mall then the dogs chase her again. Then she got the purse. Then quickly go back home. She was eating dinner then she go to bed and the same thing happened again. Then she got out of bed then suddenly the power ran out. She was so scared of the dark so she got out of the house. Then there was an eclipse so she was so scared so she got back inside of the house. Then the eclipse stopped later that night so she quickly go to bed and then she was dreaming spooky stuff. Then her father and mother arrived at her house that night. She was happy that her father and mother arrived at the house, then her father said “Hello son how are you?” she said “I am fine dad.” Then they all go to sleep. Later that morning she was the first one awake. She grabbed her things then go to school. She gone to school but then the bullies bullied her. She cried and told them to the teacher. Then the bullies got expelled. She got home while she was walking she saw the dogs again. So she quickly ran back to her house then her father said “Son, why did you run to the house” she replied “I got chased by dogs” then her father replied “Oh, ok son.” Then she studied at home while suddenly the door opened then she saw a man standing with a gun. Then she go upstairs running she told her dad that a man was in their house with a gun. She quickly got to the window with her mother. They both jumped at the same time. They ran far away from the house while suddenly they heard a gun shot while the was running. The next morning they woke up in the forest they quickly go back to the house then they found that her dad was dead. She knows where the murderer lived. She go to the darkest alleyway. Then found the killer she was scared to get close but she did get close to the gun so she shot the murderer.

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