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Facing Your Fears | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

In a land far away from Philippines there lived a land called ville . There lived a girl with her grandparents. She is a smart and brave kid, but not that strong she had only one fear the SEA . Every time she goes to the sea she always tries to go under the water but she can’t .

When she started going to school her mom wanted to bring her to the ospital because of her fear going under the water . After the check up her mother remembered how Phoebe got aqua phobia , when Phoebe was just 3 years old she left Phoebe in the water and almost drowned .

When Phoebe graduated elementary she worked even harder then she was in elementary . Every time she arrives in school she always reads her book when the class is not yet starting and even though there is no exam she she still reads a book before class . One day , her adviser told her that there is gonna be a swimming contest next week . When she knew that she had aqua phobia she didn’t join the contest.

A few months later we moved in to a new house that was more close to school . When we got to the new house it had a swimming pool at the backyard . After exploring and cleaning the house I decided to go to the backyard to overcome my fears in being under the water . When I was about to get in the pool I already got scared , Not even a small splash I can’t do it . But I never gave up on trying .

After graduating High school I have become a college student . Tomorrow is my first day of school I’m so excited! Phoebe said after grabbing her crayons from the desk .Suddenly her mom called her for dinner and told me to sleep early for my first day of school . After dinner I went upstairs to sleep but when I was about to sleep I forgot to double check my bag . The next day , I got up early to make breakfast cause my mom is at work , after eating my breakfast and taking a bath , I almost forgot to brush my teeth , when I was about wash my hands I feel like I’m drowning under the water .

When I got to school I saw my old friend from elementary talking to another student . When we were about to start class our adviser introduced me to all my new classmates . When I sat in my chair everyone started to talk about me except for my seatmate . After class it was science class the teacher asked if any of us know how to make an experiment when the teacher asked me if I know how to make an experiment I said yes , suddenly she wanted me to go in front to show the whole class how I do it . For doing a great job she gave me a +10 in science .After science class it was lunch time nobody ate lunch with me because of what happened in Science class . While I was eating , my classmate Wendy asked if she can eat lunch with me and when I said yes many girls also asked the same thing that Wendy said . After lunch they all asked if I can be their friend and I said sure .

A few weeks later we already had our first ever examination and guess what I got the highest score in class . One night I watched a movie that all my classmates are watching it’s called INVASION . After that night I even got more terrified about our new house and when we went for a check up yesterday the doctor said that it will get worse if I don’t overcome it .

From that day on I started to learn how to swim and think of a way to avoid myself on being more scared of going under the water . When I overcomed my fear on going in the water I I only just need to go under the water . Every night I prayed and prayed for me not to get scared under the water.

The next day our teacher announced that there is going to be a on Friday . When my mom knew that there was going to be a Halloween party she ordered a costume right away . the next day our teacher said that the Halloween party won’t be in school , but in the park , because there are many students that will be joining the Halloween party .

When we were having a snack break, my two mean classmates pushed me in the swimming pool without no reason .When our adviser saw them our teacher sent them to the guidance office talking with the guidance councillor , while teacher is asking me what happened .

After school I saw my mom and my classmates’ mom talking to our adviser and when I got home my mom asked me if I still felt scared when my classmates pushed me in to the pool . I think I not so much said. Well’ that’s nice to hear , mom said . OH! Wait did you got hurt or do you have wounds?! Mom said Uhmmm.. I think not because I overcomed my fears but not that much .

After two months our teacher asked if any of us know how to swim . None of us know how to swim but, suddenly teacher asked me if I know how to swim . I said not that very good but I know how to swim. But , the question is do you want to join the competition?she said . Okay , I’ll do it do it for our school I said .

After telling it to my mom she said are you up for it ? she asked I said yes . After training for a week I got more good at swimming my mom even thought me how to Back stoke.

After one week of training we were about to compete already . After 2 hours I finally won the competition and finally overcomed my fears .

MORAL LESSON: If you are afraid of something don’t let your fear get over you and always pray to god.

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