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Facing Your Fears | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

One day, a family moved to another house. The house was very spooky. It was full of webs, creaky doors, and leftover decorations from last year’s halloween. They had to clean it up. Raymond, the father, went to the attic to clean and fix the attic. Stacy, the daughter of Raymond and Edith, went to the basement. While her mother, Edith, is cooking.

When Stacy was cleaning the basement, she stepped on a garden gnome. She was afraid of garden gnomes! She screamed really loud! So Raymond and Edith raced down the basement. ”What’s wrong honey?” her father said worriedly. “We heard a girl screaming.” followed by her mother. Then Stacy replied “I stepped on a garden gnome!”. “What garden gnome?” her father said. Then Stacy replied “Look at my foot!”. When they looked at Stacy’s foot, the gnome was gone! “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” her mother said. *Her parents hugged Stacy*. After they ate dinner, which was so delicious, they went to bed to sleep. Stacy was thirsty so she went down to get a glass of water. When she opened the refrigerator, she saw another garden gnome! She blinked and it was gone. “I must be seeing something.” Stacy said cowardly. She got a glass full of water and drank it. When she turned around, she saw another gnome! So she raced off to her bedroom and tried to forget about the garden gnomes and sleep. She was able to forget about it and slept.

The next day, her parents went out because they were meeting somebody. Stacy was left out all alone in the house. While she was watching a show at her television, a garden gnome peeked behind the TV. She blinked and it was gone! Then, she found a mysterious looking creature! It was an alien-like creature! She rapidly gets a fork and tried to poke it at the back. It was useless against the creature! The creature stared at her for 10 seconds. It jumped and held on to Stacy’s face! She was trying to take it off but it didn’t come off. Then a garden gnome appeared with a plasma gun. It aimed at the creature then shoots it. ‘You’re welcome!” said the garden gnome. *Screams at each other*. “ AHHH YOU CAN TALK?!”. “Yes I can talk what do you think?!” The leader of the garden gnome, Rockhart, said “Hey, be nice to that girl. Apologize to her!”. “Yes sir.” replied by Lockhart, the son of Rockhart. “I’m sorry.” Lockhart said apologetically. “Um, okay.” Stacy replied. Rockhart said “ Let me tell you what this house is made of. It is made of Ocknium. It is where we get our names from. Get it? Rockhart and Lockhart. “Haha yes I get it.” Stacy replied sarcastically. “Do not talk to my father like that!” Lockhart replied angrily. “It is fine son.” followed by Rockhart. “Want to know a secret?” asked by Rockhart. Stacy replied “Yes!”. “Then follow me.” Rockhart replied.

He gets his magic crystal called the ky “key” then starts drawing a door on the wall. After he finished drawing a door, the wall opened a secret passage to lead them to their village. It was bright inside because it was full of crystals! Their house is made of crystals. Their weapons are made of crystals. Even their beds are made of crystals! Stacy thought on how they sleep on those things if they’re so bright! Rockhart and his son introduced every one of the garden gnomes in that village. Lockhart said that he was fighting those alien-like creatures for several years. He said that the alien-like creatures was named the Orcks because they ate the very first blacksmith, who was named Orck, in their first built village under the bridge of the town that they were living in right now. Then something broke the wall of their village. It was an orck they thought they were many but it was only one. So they brought all their weapons and used all of them on the orck that was alone.

The power that was powering up the weapons, was already gone. They were desperate! They think of all the ways that can bring the power of the weapons back but every way that they think of was not working. They had little power on the main crystal but it was not enough to power up their weapons made of crystals. But then Stacy thought of something that can be a weapon to beat the orcks in Stacy’s house. “When I saw an orck, a got a fork but it was useless right? If we can power up the forks with a drop of the power from the main crystal, it will be enough to scare away the orcks long enough to regain the power in the crystals.” “I’d hate to say this but it is a great idea!” Rockhart said. The orcks arrived and the initiated their plan of scaring away the orcks. Hopefully, it worked! The orcks were scared away so they retreated. The power started regaining in the main crystal. They had enough power to defeat few of the orcks. If they wait long enough, they would be able to defeat all of the orcks. The garden gnomes thanked Stacy for helping then scare away the orcks. Stacy said “If they come back, you will be able to defeat all of them.”. “I believe you Stacy!” Lockhart said. They said goodbye to each other. Stacy’s parents woke Stacy up. It turns out that it was just a dream! Well at least Stacy overcame her fear of garden gnomes. A garden gnome peeked from the door and said thank you but she didn’t hear it. It was real after all she just thought it was a dream!

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