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Facing Your Fear of the Dark | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019


Once there was a boy name Jacob he is always late in class cause he cannot go to sleep because he is very scared of the dark he is trying to face his fears but whatever he do he can’t go to sleep. One night Jacob said to his mind “oh my, why can’t I face my fears, I’m a big boy and I can’t do it” his mother herd what Jacob said his mother just walk to Jacob’s room and said “Jacob, it’s okay you can’t face your fears going to the dark” then his mother turn on the lights so Jacob can fall asleep when Jacob falls asleep his mother turn off the light. Jacob was dreaming about he can never face his fear’s but suddenly Jacob found a bottle wondering on the ground he said “wow what is this” the bottle speak “Jacob oh Jacob let me out, I’m a magical fairy who will grant your wish” the fairy said. Jacob open the bottle and the fairy got out the fairy said “Oh thank you Jacob dear master I will grant you 3 wishes” the fairy said. Jacob think for a while a whispered “ hhmm.. 3 wishes you say I could wish I will never get scared of the dark then when he look back the bottle was gone he said were are you genie, genie spoken “I’m in the bottle king calip captured me” she said then kind calip spoken “you can never get her back you need to go to the dark alley”. “but I’m scared of the dark” Jacob said. The one thing Jacob needs to do is cross the great dark alley and he will get his genie back, So on his was to the dark alley he think “how will I cross this it’s so dark, Oh I know I will face my fear” so got on the front of the great dark alley while kind calip is on the top of the castle kind calip spoke “Oh I thought you will never come” Jacob spoke “No I can face my fear” Jacob was walking through the dark alley Jacob said “hey I’m doing it, I’m not scared” Jacob got out and go to the top of the castle king calip spoke “wow you’re brave, but can you past though ___ (can’t understand) Jacob spoke “yes” Jacob got past him and save the genie in the bottle the genie spoken “thank you dear master are you for your wish?” Jacob said “no, thanks, I don’t need a wish” genie spoken “okay then I see you on your next dream”. Jacob, Jacob time to go to school” Jacob said “went rush to go to school. “beep beep” the bus is here “hey Jacob you are not late today” his classmate said “cause I know to face my fear” “bush” the bus has stopped.


“Oh my Jacob you are not late” said Ms. Bernardo “why yes teacher I got up good and I have a goodnight sleep” “ring ring” “oh my I need to get to class see you later teacher”. Jacob was walking to his classroom but suddenly he herd a kinder crying Jacob spoken “oh my what wrong little girl” little girl “everyone start calling me tarty pants case im always late” Jacob spoken “why are you being late” little girl “cause I’m so scared of the dark I cant even go to sleep” the Jacob said “ill talk to you later we still have class” when Jacob was having class he was thinking what happen to that little girl happens to him he was so worried with her “rina rina its break time?” when it was break time Jacob started running on the halls on going the little girl he saw four boys laughing at her the Jacob spoken “hey why are you guys laughing at her” the four boys spoken “what do you care Jacob she’s just a girl what will gone wrong besides getting scared of the dark wow that’s so funny” Jacob spoken “hey this girl is you don’t laugh at her everybody has there own fears” after that alysa her classmate shouted teacher Jacob and the four boys are fighting oh my whats happening here the principal said Jacob spoken principal these boys are laughing at this little girl the principal spoken why whats wrong little girl the little girl said I’m scared of the dark and they are laughing about it Jacob ask little girl what is your phone number the little girl said 09987658… thanks Jacob said when Jacob got home he pick his phone up cring cring calling little girl hello who is this its Jacob oh hi Jacob so about the dark thing are you gonna help me Jacob spoke yes take my advice and you will be brave like me oh okay all you need to do is turn on the light and assist your mom to turn off the light when your are asleep so the little girl took Jacobs advice Jacob fell asleep while typing letter Jacob Jacob his mom called its morning his mom said okay Jacob said while Jacob was packing things he remember oh I forgot about the message Jacob said so Jacob was on school and he saw the little girl happy Jacob was so happy too. It was the start of his life he was packing for going to college he was done packing.


Jacob was done packing hawk hawk the bus has arrived oh goodbye mother hope to see you again Jacob said oh my big boy I will miss you his mother said so Jacob got on the bus and his tears was falling down bush stop in college university the driver said when Jacob got out of the bus he felt like he was a nervous guy but he did it anyway on his way to the room he saw the little girl bullying his classmate casandra Jacob spoken hey little girl why are you bullying casandra little girl said cause she is super scared of the dark but little girl you were afraid of the dark then Jacob said. The little girl ran away cause she know that Jacob was gonna call for help casandra ask wow what kind of men will speak for me Jacob say’s me your night and shine it was the end of the dag of college when I call your name please come up to the stage. Casandra, Jacob, girly, miko, aliee please come to the stage Jacob spoke wew I’m with the top I can start my new life with my girlfriend casandra casandra and Jacob got married they got a family Jacob daughter casie is turning 7 casie that night cant sleep she is crying wramp on a blanket and she got the scared face Jacob saw her like that then Jacob start doing to casies room he said oh my dear whats wrong casie casie spoke why papa im afraid of the dark please help me Jacob remember what he did casie just go back to your bed and I will tell you a story after that casie fell asleep when casie wake up he was so happy that she wake properly after that casie turn 18 nothing gone wrong cause she always remember that God will always be with you and they happily ever after the end

Moral lesson

Always remember God is always be there for us no matter what.

The end

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