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Facing My Own Fears | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

I was a little child who was scared of monsters. At my age of 5, my mother told me that I am visiting my auntie’s house. I have experience the perfect neighbour to take care of me, until 1 hour ago my cousins were arrived. So I decided to meet and greet with them. The next thing I remember is my auntie is going to prank me by watching a scary video like monsters scaring me in a phone until 1 minute ahead I was hidden by a blanket at my auntie’s bed, then I realized my auntie will remove the blanket and the phone when the monster appears to me. I was shocked all scare that I also cried a lot. The problem is she scaring me again next time, but she teaches me to be calm. So she told me everything. The rule is take a deep breath .The first thing to remember is inhale in the nose while holding my chest, the next one is to exhale in the mouth and hold my tummy, and last but not least I only repeat it because my auntie told me. So i am going home, then my mother buy me v cut potato chips before we go home. My mother called the jeep and talk to me about when I was scared of monsters ago, at least i learned a valuable lesson “never be afraid ever again”.

My next fear is that i was afraid of zombies. In a sport festival, my teammate was playing a zombie game on the tablet. I was feeling relaxed just now until 2 minutes later, she show the tablet to me with a zombie appeared and I screamed so medium loud that also cried so I stop crying the next second ago and using a towel to buzz the snot away from my nose. I will never show the creepy zombie ever again so soon.

And lastly the roller coaster, when my age reached to 9, me and my family went to enchanted kingdom along with my cousins too. We try a lot of rides such as the merry go round and more. Plus my other auntie told me that I’m going to try the roller coaster. Until 1 hour ago after my snack, i am going to try it now. So when where here, it started now for almost a second and it is riding. I was happy when my mind started to be the bravest rider of all time so i decide to enjoy the fun ride in all places of enchanted kingdom so the 3 hours after buying my glowing wand, i want to have dinner for now and we leave in 6pm along with my cousins and we have the perfect day ever. And that’s how I faced my own fear

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