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Facing My Fears | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

One night, I was walking to the streets on my way home when I saw something weird. When I saw a man who is screaming with no reason I thought to myself, Hmm, I think he must be imagining things. So I just went on and ignored him.

When I saw my house I just simply went in and eat my dinner with Mommy Carol and Daddy Jonathan but the one thing I hated the most is my mom. She always tells me stories about creepy creatures and ghosts, for me I do not believe in her stories but for Julia and Arman, my brother and sister are really spooked with her stories.

8:30 AM, I was in the school bus with my class mates and when I saw a person dying I was feeling scared. It was recess time and I was sitting with my best friends Chris and Hailey. I said to them did you saw a person dying? Chris replied No, but show it to us when you have proof.

The bell rings and walked to the streets than by the school bus and I reached home, my parents waited for me to come home and they said Hi Aldrich, we missed you, that’s how they greet me at home. I asked them Where is Julia and Arman? They said that they are in the basement and I just went to the basement. I went back terrified and with my brother and sister and put them back in their rooms then I did my project in History.

After my dinner, I went to my computer to check the news and you won’t believe what I saw, I rush to my parents and told the news and then um….. They were shocked and my dad just fainted so I run to my room and slept early but I can’t sleep this early night. I told my friends what I saw yesterday, you what! They all said that and I answered it’s the dead person I was talking about and she was a senator in this country. All my classmates screamed of what I said, even my teacher Ms. Hooker heard what I said.

On my way home, I was having goose bumps and I screamed by something and I saw a cat, Phew, It’s just a cat, I just went on home. That night, I heard mom and dad are arguing about something weird but I ignored it and went in. Mom and dad are fighting because of the news they heard and I asked them why are they fighting? They answered It’s because of the news and we are not letting that happen to you but somebody is having better plans so we argued and fight that is why we are breaking up. Dad went outside of the house and mom stayed here and said its okay now because you are protected with me from nuisances like him but after that I saw a bullet flying and it is aimed at dad’s head.

Dad was hit by the bullet and we run to him and we went to him so we can save his life in the hospital but unfortunately, he died and with sadness in my heart I said to mom How could you mom or should I say heart killer, She was shameless and just lie down and looked down on the floor I ran outside heart- broken.

At the funeral, I went to the chapel and saw my friends, classmates, Ms. Hooker, my brother and sister, and my Aunt Fiona and Uncle Samuel but there is an unusual visitor and he has something dangerous and he aimed at Aunt Fiona so he fired his gun and I quickly jump and blocked the path and then she said a loud no and I was shot at my heart.

I screamed very loud and I sighed for relief it’s just a dream and I think I learned my lesson and I think I could get used to being aware of what scares us and how to face it so we can get on with life. I also learned to be brave in any situation.

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