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Facing my Fears by Making a Big Mistake in School | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

One morning I fought my classmate by pinching her at her hand. My friends team up with her so I rolled by eyes to them and say their like a baby. They whispered something and I said I wish they are gone and they cried and teacher heard it and teacher said what happened? Ryelyn pinched her and she said were like a baby and she said I wish we are gone, Amara said

Teacher talked to me and I say sorry. “baby’s”, I whispered at myself when we go out at the classroom I said stupid girly and Ysabel said, well you know your so rude totally and I wish you’re gone.

I felt lonely so I said to them sorry and they said no way and I pinch all of them. When its home time and I was at home , my teacher tell my mom so I said its not true and mom talked me outside at our house and my dad come home and my mom told dad and my dad pinch me many times and the next day at school I’d closed the door loudly and my other classmate said why are you angry…and I whisper to myself I hate my classmate.

It is pic day and my score is 82% my mom and dad was so angry at my report my parents punished me many times so I told my friends I am really sorry and they said no I said last chance please I can change at second grading really and they did not.

I find out that being bad will have no friends and I show them that I change for being bad to good and they believed now so we’d became friends again not only that my average is now 97% and I am now top one I got a lot of friends and especially all of the child on school and my parents are very proud. They gave me a cellphone and I know what is the feeling – if I am good I tell the truth even I will face my fear and my most fear is losing a lot of friends and if someone do a bad deed at me I will just say its okay except being rude and I will get mad I will whisper remember you are scared at losing friends and now.

I am not rude Ryelyn anymore I am friendly Ryelyn and everyone trusted me.

The end.

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