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Facing Fears | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

“Aaaaah!!! nooo!!! please no!!!”. Yes people you heard it right, this is about fears, but we are not just talking about fears we are also talking about how to face them. But first, we need to talk about what is fear cause everybody asks me “what are fears?” Well, if you wanna know then listen to me. So fears, can be a struggle like having food allergies because sometimes other people will say “can you please try one, just one of this and you will say “no, cause if you give me that I will be like a big octopus that doesn’t have eight legs? Yeah, that could be funny but it will be ouchie. Also fears are not just about food, it can also be struggles like exams. For example, if you fail of course, your parents will be so angry at you. And there are still more, if you ask “why are there so many kinds and differences of fears?” .Because you are not just the only one who has fears, even me. And here are my Top Five.

I’m scared of swimming because I can’t swim, I am also scared of people who have low-tone voices because I think they are mad to me, getting low grades because my parents will be angry especially my mom, joining competitions because if I didn’t win I always think that I’m not good and I’m a bit scared when Halloween is gonna start because I think there are ghosts, witches, mummies, vampires, wolves, monsters, and the other spooky things.

Now, after talking about what are fears, let us now proceed the next lesson which is how to face these fears. And again everybody asks me “Adon, how can we face our fears?” Well, if you wanna know again, listen to me. So, facing our fears is about how to overcome them and not literally putting our faces to our fears. So like, when you are afraid that you are not gonna pass and you are scared that you will be scolded, you need to study harder and focus. Or when you are in a competition, all we need is to pray to God or Jesus, relax, and recall all the things that you remember or studied. But, we are not done yet because we still didn’t learn why is having and facing our fears important. I will tell you my way of facing my fears. Like for example, when I eat with my friends I’m always scared what my friends are giving so at first, I think the food is icky but when I ate the food that was given to me it was the yummiest food that I had eaten. And there is one more, when I had my first ever time to join a pageant competition I was excited but, the down side is I need to smile greatly and my teeth are not complete. So though I don’t have some complete teeth I still smiled and I was the Overall Winner for the Kabscout 2018. Now, let us talk about why is having fears important. So when you are asking “why is having fears important?” Because, in my opinion, if you have fears it is okay. Cause if you have fears people will know what you are or who you are. And though you will get bullied, it is okay cause that is who you are and we are unique in our ways. After that importance of fears let us now talk about the importance of facing our fears. So of course, facing our fears is important because I can learn how to be brave. Then there you have it this is about fears and remember that having fears is okay.

The End

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