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Deep Into The Future | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Creative Writing Competition Branch Level 2020


Hi, my name is Brianna. I’m a small girl living in a village near the forest. I usually hang out with my friends at a playground nearby. It was a fifteen minute walk to go there and we had to go through the forest for a shortcut. The long way to the playground was that we had to cross the bike lane which was pretty busy and difficult to go through.

We arrived at the playground and noticed that the playground was newly cleaned. It was a bit weird since we were the only kids that knew the playground existed. “Do you think someone’s stalking us?” said Julia. She was the paranoid one in our group, almost like a mom.

She was caring, independent and easy to scare. She has dark hair, brown eyes and was surprisingly tall. She was stunning, and if she could join a beauty pageant, I’m determined she would win. She was supportive and easy to communicate with. Everyone loved her in our school. She was popular but less mean. She’s also very intelligent and was the top student in our school. Most of the boys in our school liked her and other girls would be jealous but she didn’t care and was not affected by it.

We didn’t care about who cleaned the playground, we just went there and started to play. Julia was not happy about it so she sat on the bench to watch us play. “Come on Julia play with us,” said Jaxon. He was the oldest in our group and was also the bravest. He also like Julia since daycare, it was obvious ‘cause he often flirts with her whenever he got the chance.

Jaxon stopped playing and started to talk to Julia. Me and David were the only ones left. David was like the boy version of Julia, he also was one of the top students in our school. Every girl in our school also like him, including me. I never got the chance to confess to him since lots of girls did and usually got rejected.

As the day goes by, Julia and Jaxon went home since it started to get dark. I stayed to watch the sunset, David did to. We started talking about the future, what we want to be when we grow up, and laughed at each other’s jokes. We had a fun time together but sadly, he left soon after he got drowsy. I stayed for a bit longer but I decided it was time to go home since my mother would be worried sick.

I was scared at first because the forest was dark and quiet and being paranoid in the dark, I usually get scared and think that a monster’s gonna eat me. Childish right?

I got deeper and deeper into the forest as I realized I got lost. Although, I continued to walk upon the dark forest thinking that I was on the right way and had nothing to worry about. As I got far deeper I spotted a small house with lights on. It was strange since it was in the middle of the forest. But I decided to go inside since I was lost and had no where to sleep.

I knocked on the door but no one answered. I knocked again and an old lady peeked through the crack of the door. “Who are you and how did you get here?” The lady said. “I’m lost, I’m from Blue Field village.” We had a moment of silence staring at each other. Then she decided to let me in.

I went inside and saw that the whole house was lit up with lights. I looked at the lady and she looked back at me. She was pretty, she looked like she was on her late 50’s. At first I thought she was old and mean since it was dark outside and I couldn’t see her face. I guess you never really know when you judge someone.

I rudely sat on a chair without the lady’s permission and started looking for something. I didn’t know what I was doing since I was feeling tired and dizzy. I asked the woman if she had any medicine for headaches and gave me a bottle filled with water. I thanked her and drinked the whole bottle since I was thirsty.

I started to feel light headed and seeing things blurry. I passed out and when I woke up, I was in the middle of a desert. There were dead trees and no houses. I started walking straight since I had no where to go. It felt like hours just walking with no food and water.

I suddenly came a cross a city of robots. No animals, no people. Where was I? I started to remember what happened and angrily clutched my fist. I was determined to find the woman who drugged me and threw me to a desert. I walked forward to find someone, at least one human being. I came across a boy who looked familiar. I don’t remember who but I had goosebumps just thinking of it.

I went straight to the man and a two robots caught me off guard. The man squinted his eyes as he looked deep into mine. Then he shockingly said “Brionna?” How did he know my name? “Who are you?” I nervously asked the man. “I’m David.” Wait. WHAT?! I was surprised. It was David? How come he’s so old and I’m not? I passed in front of him since I was lit up with mixed emotions.

I woke up on a bed with the man talking to a robot. The robot looked at me and looked back at the man. After that, the robot left. Leaving me and the man alone. The man looked at me with a confused but calm face. He told me that I was his childhood best friend and why I still looked like a kid. I was confused. So I asked what year it was. He told me I was in the year 2050. I was speechless.

I awkwardly asked about the others, Jaxon and Julia. He told me they were working in another city. “WORKING?! But we were just kids yesterday!” I said. “Yesterday?” David said, “I was sleeping peacefully the whole day.” There was a moment of silence as we awkwardly stared at each other.

I passed out the minute after that and woke up to my surprise. David, Jaxon, Julia, and my mother staring at me. –Austeen Janina Alcala

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