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The stuff that dreams are made of, the Champion Program is an annually prestigious creative writing competition that every Young Author wants to be in. Mentored by real authors and media specialists, it is the final step to becoming an internationally recognised publish Young Author.

Young Author Scheme

The Young Author Scheme is the succession from AWIS program. Children from all over the world are invited to enter and join this gruelling 3 days boot camp in hopes of clinching the top prize.
Each successful entry will have a published book for their keepsake of their creation.
Since its successful launch in 2003, the Young Author Scheme (YAS) has mentored hundreds of children. Winners have seen their own books published as paperbacks or e-books, sold internationally online and also available in all Singapore National Library branches.
Mentored by Catherine Khoo and her team of published authors, your child will create a 3000 word story and his work pitted against other young authors hopefuls and stand a chance to get published.
Shortlisted Winners will be invited to join the exclusive Young Author Club and the top winners will get their story published and SOLD internationally.

Young Author Award winner!

Young Author Awards

Prestigious Annual International Award for Winners from the Young Author Scheme whereby only the top 10% of all entries are selected to be considered. Each country will pit their very best against each other, with only 3 emerging to be the top international winners.

Shortlisted children will be invited to be part of the exclusive Young Author Club and become published authors! Their stories will be featured in the Young Reader Club Magazine where other children will read their stories and aspire to be just like them.

Winners of the awards have gone on to becoming some of the top performers in their country such as Lee Tat Wei from Singapore, one of the five awardees of the prestigious Presidential Scholars award.

Not just any award, the Young Author Awards are endorsed by the Media Development Authority (MDA), the National Library Board (NLB), the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) and the Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA), major Government Agencies and afflictions in Singapore.

All shortlisted books are published and sold online and in available in the National Library. The Young Authors get their first taste of adulthood, earning an income from their royalties. But money is little to play here, compared to the pride that they give to their family from being an International Young Author Winner!

Young Author Club

The Young Author Club is an International club that homes the shortlisted winners of the Young Author Scheme Program. The tight knitted members of the club are proud owners of their own published books.

Members of the Young Author Club will be invited to contribute stories to publish.

The goal is to nurture the creative literary aspirations of young students. Sparking a love for writing and reading, this program has groomed and mentored many young students who have gone on to do very well in their education, e.g One of the students has achieved a scholarship in Yale while another has been accepted into a law degree.

Members of the Exclusive Young Author Club will also be asked to be judges of the next Young Author Awards.

While the Unique English Classroom provides children with a spark for the passion of learning, the Young Author Club inspires the flame of passion for learning, to keep on burning.

Join now to learn how your child can be the next International Young Author Award winner!

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