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Writing Without Tears | An Online Storywriting Program for Kids

The Unique English Classroom brings good news to parents and kids who love good stories! The Alpha Authors Program, which guides children to become better writers and storytellers, is now optimized for remote learning. Remote learning is created not to replace the classroom experience but to highlight learning priorities. Lessons conducted online are shorter and more […]

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UEC Launches Online Story Writing Lessons

By this time, Summer Classes have started for the kids. But due to the necessity of staying at home to protect them and ourselves from the deadly virus which is Covid-19, we are encouraged to start learning from the comforts of our home. We in UEC feel the need to continue the pursuit of knowledge […]

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Facing Your Fears | Story Entry Young Authors Scheme Competition Batangas 2019

“It’s beautiful isn’t, Leah?” Her mom asked. She looked at the house in front of her. She studied the two storey light grey house. It was humongous, probably four times bigger than her house in New York, it gives her shivers down her spine. “Mom, I think we should head back to New york,” Leah […]

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Story Feature : My Dream House

When you were a child, have you tried sketching your own dream house? Our Young Author Jed from UEC Batangas, describes it in writing. My house is coloured blue and green. It has two floors. On the first floor, there is the kitchen and the living room. On the second floor, is a bedroom and […]

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Why Parents should Encourage their Young Authors to join Creative Writing Contests

Children are continuously figuring out their place in the world. Where they will excel, where they will succeed, where they can make their parents feel proud of them. Oftentimes, because of the fear of failure, they are not verbal about their interests. That is why most parents will be surprised about their child’s superb grade […]

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Raise a 21st Century-Ready Child with The Unique English Classroom

According to a survey conducted in America, the top 5 careers parents want for their children are the following: (1) Engineer (2) Doctor (3) Scientist (4) Nurse (5) Architect. Is this top 5 list the same you wish for your child? What do these careers have in common? Interests in the Sciences, Math and Reading […]

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AWIS Story Feature : A Princess and Travelers: A Stone to Find

The Unique English Classroom is proud of our 9 year old young author – Kaira from UEC West Avenue. Check out her story below about the god of bullies and an amazing powerful stone!   A Princess and Travelers: A Stone to find By: Kaira Chapter One: A Born Hero Once upon a time, in […]

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Future Authors: 1st Young Authors Provincial Competition

On April 13, 2019, the 1st provincial Young Authors’ competition, was held at Batangas City. It was hosted by St. Therese of the Child Jesus Multiple Intelligence School in Pallocan, Batangas City. There were 13 participants who joined the competition. These kids were from ages 9 to 15 years old and came from different schools […]

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